Monday, May 31, 2010

'Humanitarians' Suicidally Attack IDF With Knives, Axes, Bring Retaliation

Story here.

See?  The "humanitarian" flotilla hellbent on breaking the legal blockade and going to Gaza is really a terrorist operation posing as "humanitarian".

It's a tactic as old as the proverbial Exploding Ambulance.  Classic "Palestinian" bullshit.

UPDATE:  It's now reported that a couple of guns were found in the possession of the so-called "humanitarians" who attacked the IDF.


Mack Hall said...

May God protect Israel. Anti-Semitism is the greatest why? of history.

Jen said...

CS, go to this webpage and you will see the Benjamin's photo waving then on the left side of the paper you will see these articles:

Harper seen as champion of Israel by Jonathan Kay

Politics and heavy security at Israel march-by Joseph Brean.

Part of Brean's article states

"Canada where the very mention of Stephen Harper's name elicited a foot-stomping ovation".

Read both and highlight the article etc for your NB friends(public) to see.

BTW. glad that you find the email 'awesome'.