Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ignatieff's Culture War Now On Full Afterburn

 Liberal Party "Leader", the infamously-scary Michael Ignatieff:
Fomenting cultural warfare with sucker punches of dubious effectiveness

Again we see the Toronto (Red) Star dutifully helping the Prog leader propagate his Big Lies...

 Blah, blah, blah...  Does this guy even know what he's saying?  What, is he just brainlessly uttering received talking points given to him to memorize for his Librano-love-in fundraising speech?  Like, rally the monied partisan rabble with whatever words of demonization may work...

He says that the Conservatives accuse the Liberals of fomenting cultural warfare for potential electoral advantage, and claims that that means that the Conservatives are "trying to divide and conquer".

Eh?  That's illogical.  Firstly, of course the Tories rightly point out the undeniable.  After all, Liberal-partisan pollster Frank Graves did advise the Liberals to do just that, not that it's a new thing for Liberals, who relish the very thought of cultural warfare, division and conquest.  Anyone who closely watched the Canadian political warfare scene during the tyrannical Chretien-Martin epoch knows this very, very well, and sees the Liberals trying to "go there" again, hoping in vain that Canadians haven't tired of the same old nonsense, the same old "scary, racist, sexist, anti-gay, anti-choice, mean-spirited, knuckledragger, redneck, people-with-guns-in-the-streets, hidden agenda..." gobbleddygook of which the Liberals were always accusing the Conservatives, none of which smears ever proved true.

 The dark old Chretien days of this sort of thing are back, with the Liberal Party again following orders from the bottomless depths of red-hot darkness

One would've thought that with the exit of Warren "Prince of Darkness" Kinsella from the Liberal War Room, things would be better.  Well, apparently, one thought wrong.  They're as nasty as ever.  Apparently, beneath the mild-mannered veneer, Ignatieff Chief of Staff Peter Donolo is as evil and nasty and mean-spirited as Warren "Shit from Hell" Kinsella's ever been.  No doubt Peter's coming up with ideas of what stuffed animals to pull from gym bags on live TV to spread hatred and contempt against religious identifiable groups for potential electoral gain...

Top Librano$$$ of dark days bygone:  
Warren Kinsella, Teflon-Don Jean Chretien and Peter Donolo

OF COURSE the Tories rightly say the plainly obvious about the Liberals fomenting cultural warfare.  Because the Liberals, from previous experience, know that it works, and are hoping that it still will.  Besides, their Holy Messiah Obama to the south is doing it, so they figure they better brainlessly emulate him to flatter and please him.  Which is why we can't afford to have the Liberals in power... just imagine them doing to Canada what the Obamacrats are doing to America... scary, ain't it?

 When darkness ruled:  
The Cretch and Donolo cackling as they oppress and tyrannize the country

The Liberals think Canadians are going to fall for it all again.  Like before.  Well, they may be in for a surprise now.

Ignatieff utters many big, pompously professorly words, as if believing they'll impress Mainstream Canadiana, who've heard enough drivel and want plain talk for a change.  Who even knows what "provincialism" means?   And what exactly is Iggy talking about when he blabs the phrase "lowness of spirit"?  As if Liberals were all that spiritual themselves, as opposed to power-hungry, materialistic and greedy?  Yeah, right... look who's talking about low-spiritedness.

Iggy bizarrely claims that his more-than-three-decades-long absence from Canada somehow "makes him more Canadian" than those of us who never left for more than a few days at a time, or not at all.  How stupid and illogical can one get?  Apparently that stupid and illogical!  Of course, maybe Iggy's just saying what he's been told to say, and doesn't care to even think about it before he says it.  Much like his hero Obama, though Obama obviously requires more extensive use of teleprompters, because, apparently, he has little capacity for memorization, or, perhaps he's just too lazy to memorize (that'd involve mental effort, and we know that "progressives" hate to "go there").

Of course, then there's the mention of balanced budgets and debt repayments.  Well, when the Liberals were doing that, there was a massive international economic boom going on, and they cheated by keeping taxes high and by gutting health care, education, the military, security-intelligence, etc., etc., while enriching themselves and their cronies and electoral prospects with boondoggles, pork-barreling, mysterious, invisible foundations, and, of course, ADSCAMS... to the tune of uncountable tens of billions of dollars...  They never had to deal with what's been the worst global recession since the Great Depression, in the words of some talking heads.  Besides, they wanted the "stimulus" spending and got it, thanks to their threat to usurp the government with a Hard-Left, neo-Communist coalition with the insanely-leftist NDP and the traitorous Bloc.  So who the hell is Ignatieff to boast of the dumb-luck-and-cheating-founded successes of the Liberals, which, anyway, occured whilst Iggy was busy being as American as he could be and going around promoting what "progressives" call torture?

If this is how the Liberals and Michael Ignatieff and their propaganda wing the Big Media want to fight the war, then bring it on.

 Cavalierly, delusionally oblivious to the new reality of the world:  
Michael Ignatieff and snack.  And thumb.  Where to put that?

Things are different today from how they were when the Librano$$$ ruled with their velvet-gloved brass knuckles...

No longer do they control the minds of Canadians anywhere to the extent that they once did.  We see this reality in America as we speak, with the Democratic Party/Big Old Media Propaganda Machine failing to control the minds of Americans.  The Liberals are fools to carry on as before.  They're living in the past.  That will ensure their continuing undoing.

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Jen said...

The worst of them all is the national socialist communist media. They stand before the cameras to tell the nation the 'darkest' news.

I am surprise that the Ivisions, Guthers, and other good decent reporters have not come to lambase the media for their lies daily rants on negativity.
For the innocent people who have been brain-wash how can they believe or trust the IVISONS, GUNTHERS ETC when all they hear is the same dark story from the 'live' media and not a peep from others(ivison gunther etc) to contradict them.
Writing on newspaper is one thing but to actual hear them contradicting the dark media is another this is where people want to see.

Roy Green a guest host for David Rutherford yesterday, said at the beginning of the show that the prime minister told Europe to get their finances in order and don't expect the markets will do it for them. " way to go PM" implied,