Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Big New Problem For Obama: SSN Fraud

Cold, hard, documented evidence filed in court by two independent private investigators...

Why is Obama using a Connecticut Social Security Number although he never lived in Connecticut?

Furthermore, why is it that the SSN he's using was issued years following his first job in Hawaii?

Didn't he have a Hawaii SSN for his first job?  WTF?!  Why a Connecticut SSN?  Years after he started working?

Obama's first job, for which he'd have required, by law, a SSN, was in Hawaii in 1975.  His SSN was issued years after that... by Connecticut, where he apparently hadn't lived.  And perhaps hadn't even visited.
To verify that the number was issued by the Social Security Administration for applicants in Connecticut, Daniels used a Social Security number verification database. She found that the numbers immediately before and immediately after Obama's were issued to Connecticut applicants between the years 1977 and 1979.

"There is obviously a case of fraud going on here," Daniels maintained. "In 15 years of having a private investigator's license in Ohio, I've never seen the Social Security Administration make a mistake of issuing a Connecticut Social Security number to a person who lived in Hawaii. There is no family connection that would appear to explain the anomaly."

Does the Social Security Administration ever re-issue Social Security numbers?
"Never," Daniels said. "It's against the law for a person to have a re-issued or second Social Security number issued."
It gets even weirder...

No doubt more and more questions are going to be asked.

I'd like to see Obama himself explain and back up his explanation.  If possible.

Cover up?  We'll see.


Anonymous said...

Dr. Orly Taitz broke this news about a year ago. Still...Congress sits on their ass & ponders this unfortunate mistake by the POTUS!

Anonymous said...

The average american is incredibly ignorant,and spoon fed by the mass media..Did I mention racist? That's why they elected Oilybama in the first place!

Anonymous said...

I love Obama