Friday, May 21, 2010

Left-Wing Terrorists Escorted To Private Home By Police Protectors

When the police go bad...

WTF?!  Police from OUTSIDE THE JURISDICTION escorted the left-wing extremists to the private residential property and remained "to protect them".

These police have no authority to uphold the law because they're outside their jurisdiction.

They were supposed to have advised local police (with jurisdiction) of what was to be going on... but they did NOT.


Read it all.  And see that something fishy's going on.

Then again, it's just another typical fishy day in the United Socialist States of Obamerica.

Those Leftists are tricky, sneaky... and corrupt.

What I want to know is whether there's any way at all to ensure that the police aren't corrupt, that politicians and others aren't interfering with their job, aren't illegally, unconstitutionally telling them what to do, etc.

Has the Left taken control of the police?  Are the police the Left?

Why is it that Christians always get arrested for simply standing around holding Bibles anywhere near abortion-performing businesses and anywhere near any kind of homosexually-themed event, but what we see the Left getting away with... they always get away with, escorted and protected by the police?

WTF is going on in America today?

You know, those extra-jurisdictional police invaders remind me of these guys below...

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Jen said...

The huge blame falls on the media for not warning the american people of the situation occuring in their own country. Therefore they in the media will pay a heavy price for their manipulation.
Obama would have been ousted a long time ago had the NATIONAL MEDIAS done their job properly on Obama and his administration- revealing to the public what should have been exposed.

Prayer is the only solution- the gateway to freedom. but God has been removed from the States, that is why this is occuring, without Him you me cannot live in Freedom.