Monday, May 10, 2010

Kinsella Quits Iggy Lib War Room

Warren Kinsella turns his back on Michael Ignatieff, quitting the Liberal War Room.

I guess things are so fecked up in the Liberal Party again that even the Prince of Darkness doesn't want to bother anymore with it.

There must be more juicy stuff than the indubitably Liberal-positive Globe and Mail is letting on.

Anybody got any dirty details?

Who'll be the next Top Asshat of the Liberal War Room now?  Scott Reid?  Mark Holland?  Maybe they'll import Janeane Garofalo?  Michael Moore?  Al Gore?  Rosie O'Donnell?  Plenty of professional hard-leftwing propagandists out there who'd love to tell horrible lies about Conservatives in any country...

Whoever fills Warren's big, stinky shoes, I'll kick their ass just as easily as I kicked Warren's.


Canuckguy said...

"...indubitably Liberal-positive Globe and Mail..." - Sentinel

As a regular reader of the Globe & mail, I don't agree, they are pretty middle of the road as they have columnists several shades of the political spectrum. Afterall, they allow Christine Blatchford work there.

Canuckguy said...

bah, I wish you had an 'edit' function on your site.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Well, the Grab and Fail does have a lot of Progs writing a lot of Prog drivel...

Anonymous said...

PET Cemetery Report from
Liberal Ziffy, Taliban Jack LaytoNDP, commie Duceppe Bloc:

Separatist Coalition.


“Afghan girls hit again by suspected gas attack (Religion Of Peace Alert)

Dozens of schoolgirls in Afghanistan were admitted to hospital on Tuesday after two suspected poisonous gas attacks on schools, officials said, the latest in a spate of similar incidents.

Thirty schoolgirls in the northern city of Kunduz and six in Kabul were admitted to hospital, health officials and the interior ministry said.

“Others are also coming in. We don’t know the exact number of girls affected, it could be many. It’s a similar incident to what happened in Kabul and Kunduz last week,” said Homayun Khamosh, head of the Kunduz city hospital where girls were admitted.

(Excerpt) Read more at”


CFRA Poll:

“1. A group of over-zealous anti-war MPs is trying to embarrass the military and the government with findings soldiers transferred prisoners knowing they could be tortured


2. The Harper government is overly secretive and is wrong-headedly refusing to establish a Commons “security committee” similar to those in the US Congress


3. Other

Anonymous said...

MSM/Separatist Coalition Desperately Seeking Appeasement with murderous Islam.

>>> “setting the stage for an election.”

MSM spiels/spins on behalf of the Separatist Coalition.


“The parties still hadn’t reached agreement Monday but planned to meet Tuesday morning, deadline day. MPs may ask House of Commons Speaker Peter Milliken for more time, or the opposition may proceed with a contempt motion against the government, setting the stage for an election.”

“Impasse over releasing Afghan documents could have been avoided: MPs”

Jen said...

The opposition parties are committed to releasing the secret documents they have to please their terrorist groups or face the wrath from the terrorist taliban.

Look what happen during the vote for the 'ANTI-TERRORIST ACT BILL'
the liberals were warned by the Canadian Arab FederationCAF)to not make the mistake of voting for the bill or else face no votes during election.

When the day came to vote on the Anti-terrorist Act bill, not only did the liberals not vote; neither did the NDP nor the Bloc.
They did as they were told.

Only the Conservatives voted for the BILL.

So what makes us so sure that the opposition parties will keep the 'sensitive documents'secret from the public, the media or for that matter the terrorists themselves.
The OPPOSITION PARTIES have shown greater respect for terrorists and their criminal activities than for the innocent people.

Kinsella can come and go as he pleases-no threat to the liberals; but what is a threat for them is being held and used by terrorist groups.

We better pray that this prime minister remain in government for many years or else face.....

Anonymous said...

Latest from O’s War.

Taliban Jack LaytoNDP is shocked!

The liberal-left is silent about O’s War.

Where are the “Peace Marches”, the anti-war demonstrations, the Pentagon sit-ins, etc.?

Where is Cindy? Where is Hedy? and Judy and Dr. Bennett and ZiffyRae and Green Peace and ……?


“U.S. 2010 Afghan Death Toll Third Worst Sine 2001

May/11/2010 | Yossi Gestetner

While everyone’s eyes are on the Market Boards on Wall St. and on the new Supreme Court pick, I checked up where the US stands in Afghanistan.

In terms of the death toll, the USA lost this year 118 soldiers, which is less than the 316 of last year, and the 155 of Bush’s last year, but it is more than any other year since the operation started at the end of 2001. Worse, the current colander year is only in its first half.

It makes me sad thinking what the next six-plus months of 2010 may hold for the US forces in Afghanistan”

Anonymous said...

Vitted at SDA.

"The next time you don't provide a valid link and a reasonable description, Atric, your comment will be deleted. I don't have all day to babysit people who can't be bothered to be responsible to the viewers of SDA Reader Tips.
Posted by: Vitruvius at May 11, 2010 2:47 PM

Screw it, I just can't be bothered with reader tips anymore.
Delete away!
Posted by: atric at May 11, 2010 4:06 PM"