Sunday, May 30, 2010

Obama: The Kramer Of Presidents?

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The lights should be going off above the heads of all the handlers in the White House: the president’s moment of glory has arrived.  He suddenly would be hip and cool again.  Mr. President, we need you to shoot the golf balls into the hole.

If Kosmo Kramer can shoot a ball into the blow-hole of a whale, surely you can land a few in the name of saving the southeast coastal region.  You’d be the hero.  Everything would turn around and your party might not be decimated nearly as badly in November.

Then you can stand up and tell America that you lent your unique abilities to save the day.

Unfortunately, Seinfeld isn't real life, and Obama isn't a real president.

Hmm.  Now, I wonder... What Would Mr. Bean Do?

Oh, of course... like Mr. Obama, Mr. Bean took a holiday.

Told ya!

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