Monday, May 24, 2010

Soros Propaganda Horn Attempts To Smear 'Manchurian President' Author

Aaron Klein explains how the George Soros-funded, hard-leftwing propaganda organization "Media Matters" is spewing nothing but lies against him and his book.

When the "progressive" movement has no evidence to use against their opponents, they make stuff up and utter outright lies.  Shame on them.

You know, if there was ANYTHING in "Manchurian President" that was factually incorrect, well, someone from the Left would've already told us specifically what.  Of course, this hasn't happened.  So, in an act of desperation, the mouthpiece of proud ex-Nazi collaborator George Soros, Obama's puppetmaster, spews defamatory smears instead.

Man.  The left, the "progressive" movement, "liberals", "social democrats", "social justice" activists, etc... they're so dirty, dirty, dirty and blatantly dishonest!

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