Monday, May 31, 2010

Judeophobic CUPE Thug Attacks BCF, All Caught On Video

Look, see.  ANOTHER violent-extremist, hateful "progressive" who supports "Palestine", hates Israel and Jews.  Attacking citizen journalist Blazing Cat Fur.  BCF captures the whole thing as the knuckle-dragging Neanderthal attacks him!

The rest of the story here.  This all happened in Toronto as Israeli PM Netanyahu visited, invited by Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Follow all the links for all that happened- there's more videos in addition to the one below.

The hairy, lowbrow, far-left, "progressive" knuckledragger, named Ali Mallah, attacked the husband of blogger and author Kathy Shaidle.  This Ali Mallah is a dangerous, violent fellow whom the police should be watching more closely.  I'm sure the RCMP and/or CSIS must have a file on him.  He could be a threat to national security, a potential terrorist, in my opinion.  All you have to do is watch him act.  He's obviously nuts!

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