Thursday, May 20, 2010

Left-Wing Terrorists Strike Again In America

 Oh, goody.  Left-Wing Extremists who support Obama and the Democrats criminally trespass on private residential property, terrorizing the family inside

Story here.

That's unconstitutional.  Protesting en masse on peoples' private residential property, trespassing, terrorizing.

But they're backed by the Obamacrat Reich, who will never prosecute these criminal terrorists.  After all, they're the de-facto Brownshirts of the Reich.

They have NO RIGHT to do that.

God help America.

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Jen said...

Glenn Beck explains the story re-to this protest by the SEIU.

Glenn explains the story starting from the 3.35-6 mark.

Can you imaine if USA had only CBC like television media and no FOX- gosh darn, the americans would be like us immune to the OBAMA's trillion dollar spending like we are to the liberals'own.

God help USA