Sunday, May 23, 2010

Why It Was Terrible Mistake To Give Gaza To 'Palestine'

Just look at what Gaza has become under "Palestinian" rule.  A horrific place, in terms of human rights.  Things have regressed by, perhaps, 1,500 to 2,000 years or so, thanks to the barbarically hateful and evil Hamas "government" which the "International Community" so inexplicably, maddeningly adores while pretending that there's no institutional Neanderthal barbarianism within.

Very different from the relative progressive economic and human rights utopia it was under Israeli sovereignty.

This considered, one has to be brainwashed, misinformed, ignorant, stupid, insane, hateful, and/or evil... to think that "Palestine" should be a "nation", let alone be given any more land by Israel.  One must have some kind of mental disorder to believe the Big Lies being told about human-rights-respecting, welfare-state, progressive Israel while pretending that "Palestine" isn't a human rights and civilizational tragedy wholly of its own peoples' making.

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