Friday, May 14, 2010

Liberal MP Refuses Breathalyzer Demand


Get a load:  The Librano claims that he actually complied but also claims that he "couldn't blow satisfactorily enough for the officer".

What a load of puffin poop!

Gimme a break!

What, does he have a serious lung condition or something?  If so, then it's believable.  If not, then he must bend over the lap of the law and receive a good whooping to his baddy-boy keister...

ht: (I think) Maz2... sure sounded like the Mazster...


Enkidu said...

The Fiberals have said that they will not remove the (potentially) drunk driver from their caucus.

It is the machine which determines whether or not the exhalation pressure and duration is adequate, not the officer. Obviously his Parties lawyers feel that the best defense is an offensive offense.

Can Pablo define exactly what constitutes a 'moderate amount of wine', or was he too drunk to remember? That is the question.

∞ ≠ ø said...

Ha! "Fiberals" ... love it.
In most of the States now if you refuse (to blow) you lose - driving privileges for a year. Also you get a ride to the station while you reconsider and get to try on the big official machine. Not giving evidence against one's self is still, sometimes, a smart move. Not knowing procedure there.. it sounds to me like they already gave this guy a walk based on status, especially with an accident... that's the stuff prairie coal is made of.

Jen said...

The media? well, Pablo need not worry about his name being smeared left right and center nor be forced to step down.

Pablo's mishaps appears in the news for a few minutes then thrown in the cabinet.