Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Demonstrating For Human Rights, Condemning Islamic Supremacist Violence

Note that they're NOT the usual bunch of bizarre-looking-extremist, gas-masked, rock-and-molotov-cocktail-throwing "youth" herded by neo-communist "community organizers" to spew BS propaganda to bash the so-called "right"...

These are regular folks with open, functioning minds who actually know what's actually happening in the world, and who aren't merely brainwashed with propaganda like the usual profane, violent, unruly mobs of mostly-young-and-stupid, hard-left propaganda-screamers.



Anonymous said...

“nowheresville” = Separatist Coalition.

The natural end result of the socialism of Liberal ZiffyMcGuinty, Taliban Jack LaytoNDP, commie Duceppe Bloc.


“EU in Crisis

A Nightmare for the European Dream

Political unity, a common currency, border-free travel and lasting peace. The European Union was to have become a kind of eternal utopia. Instead, no one has dared to further develop Europe since the days of Helmut Kohl. Now, the EU is looking decidedly mortal.

Making Europe immortal is a very old idea. After being struck by one of Eros’s arrows, Zeus, the father of all Greek gods, fell madly in love with Europa, the daughter of the Phoenician king. When he later realized that his beloved was doomed to pursue the path of an ordinary mortal, he named a continent after her and proclaimed: “You shall be immortal, Europa, because the continent that has accepted your body shall bear your name for all time.”

You shall be immortal, Europa? The current euro crisis reveals that it isn’t quite as easy as Zeus implied.

“Oh, Europe,” Hans Magnus Enzensberger sighed in the title of his book, published years ago, in which he summarized “perceptions,” or fictitious reports, from seven different countries. Today, “Oh, Europe” are the words any true Europhile must be exclaiming with a sigh.

I am one of those people. I am one of those idealists who have always believed in the European idea and will continue to do so. It was and still is incredible how this continent has bundled together its economic, political and military forces, and that there is more that unites its countries than divides them.

Is it even possible to experience Europe? The absence of war for more than half a century, Europe’s greatest achievement, is not an experience at all. As a result, those who were born after World War II take it for granted to a far greater extent than they should.”,1518,694480,00.html


“Utopian Socialism Archive
Utopia – literally “nowheresville” – was the name of an imaginary … A Modern Utopia (1905) not only presents the virtues of socialism, but is a reflection on”

Anonymous said...

PET Cemetery Report: Left-liberal multiculty.

“What Happens When Michael Ignatieff Abandons the Tamils?

Michael Ignatieff and his Liberals curry favor with the Tamil community”


Political correctness by MSM/GlobeMail: “Man”.

“Man” is a murderous Tamil.


“Man pleads guilty in landmark terrorism financing case’

“Prapaharan Thambithurai, 46, pleaded guilty to raising money for the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. In Vancouver, he collected $600 and pledges worth $1,800; altogether, he admitted raising between $2,000 and $3,000 from late 2007 to March 2008 in Canada.”

Jen said...


Layton-Unionist-communist- SUPPORTER OF HAMAS-TALIBAN.


They are manipulative, liars, deceitful, hateful, yes destructive bunch. Never trust them without first double-checking.
None of them support Canada, Canadians, our military, innocent women and girls.

Those three parties and their media are very dangerous.
When other countries praises canada for her stability- the manipulative media says otherwise.

Give the media a country like Greece-like country in Canada, and they will find something positive to say.
Give the media a country like canada well respected around the world, the media will find something 'negative' to say.

This is the reality happening in CANADA right now.

The media is to blame for their corruptive behaviour against the sitting prime minister, the nation, and our troops.

Jen said...

Here is something for you CS,

Wrong to judge religious right
Interview reveals true intolerance

Charles Lewis, National Post
Published: Wednesday, May 12, 2010

By now I should be used to this particular view of the world: It's one in which only bad people, fanatics and crazies disagree with Canadian values, whatever those are. It is a world of "we" versus "them." And we all know who "we" are and we certainly know "them."

(Lewis goes on to say)

Ms. McDonald believes there is a dangerous rise in the religious right in this country and most good Canadians are sleepwalking into a political nightmare, much like she witnessed in the United States under Ronald Reagan.

She warned of a Canada rife with divisiveness, as we see today in the United States, if we continue down this scary right fork in the road.

Read more:

Anonymous said...

AlG’s Weather (AGW): No Comment.


“Ban urges Canada to put environment on G20 agenda The Associated Press”

“U.N. head Ban Ki-Moon refusing orders from internal personnel court

U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has refused to comply with numerous orders from a new U.N. personnel tribunal to hand over confidential documents and other sensitive information needed to resolve legal claims by U.N. employees of unfair treatment, according to court documents.

The dispute has set the stage for a power struggle between the secretary general, who is seeking to fend off court challenges to the authority of his office, and the dispute tribunal’s judges, who argue that claimants can’t prove they have been wronged without access to internal documents or confidential witnesses.

Ban’s lawyer, Susan Maddox, on Friday refused another of several orders to turn over notes from a U.N. ethics probe involving an American whistleblower. The American, James Wasserstrom, was forced from a top U.N. job in Kosovo three years ago after cooperating with an internal corruption investigation.”

Anonymous said...

“CBC to study whether its news is biased

By ALTHIA RAJ, Parliamentary Bureau

The CBC has commissioned a study to determine whether its news is biased, the president of the public broadcaster told the Senate finance committee this week.”

(Ya gotta read it all. It’s a reading for sore eyes. Good reporting.)