Saturday, May 08, 2010

Big Media Thinks Ottawa Not Transparent?

Story here.

Well, I'd argue that before bashing Ottawa, they should try to get information out of Washington under Obama and the Democrats.  Now, THAT'S something worth raising alarm about.

Why can't Americans see valid proof that Obama meets the Constitution's Eligibility Clause vis-a-vis his being President?  And why won't the Obama White House obey court orders to release their visitor information, like previous administrations always did?

Besides, I don't recall the old Canadian Liberal regime being all that open and forthcoming at all.

Sheesh.  Again the Big Media has no perspective...

Besides, there's always stuff that simply cannot be released, for various reasons.  Guess the Left doesn't accept this reality when the government's Conservative...


Jen said...

As one of the bloggers pointed out " The media does not want to disclose their sources to the public yet we must disclosed secret documents to the enemy.

The liberals shut down Gomery from investigating further into Chretien's adscam. No wonder Chretien when he was questioned by lawyers on the adscam, Chretien to our faces opened a briefcase in full of the camera withdrawing golf balls with signature on it. He showed no remorse because he knew that everyone from the CBC CTV G/M T/S would 'HIDE' his secrets.

All I can say is that this prime minister has been more transparent than the liberals or their lousey media ever will be.

We definitely know that the opposition parties and their medias are very transparent for the love for each other.
We also know that the media is very transparent that they do not give rats ass about our troops nor you me canada.

The media and the opposition parties are very transparent when the show their devotion to the taliban.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Ah, yes... I recall Chretien mischievously showing off his balls at the Gomery inquiry and getting away with it. It was shameful.