Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bogus Charge Dropped, Christian Vindicated


Video of the actual persecution now added.  Scroll and see the obviously-NOT-"offened"-nor-"hurt"-"gay"-gestapo-cop smiling gaily as Christian arrested for being openly Christian in public

The Progressive Liberal Left failed.  Common sense prevailed.
'It was a ridiculous charge and I should never have been arrested in the first place. The whole thing was like fiction. It was surreal.

'You couldn't have made it up. It was crazy. I hope this result guarantees freedom of speech for everyone in future.'

He said: 'I think the PCSO abused his power, it's oppression - it's not right. It is concerning that this could happen in 2010

'I have never been arrested in my life. It was an embarrassing experience. They treated me like a common criminal.'
Let that be a lesson to those Liberal Fascists who believe that they can bully Christians just for being openly Christian in public. I bet that special, politically-correct GLBT cop feels like a total poophead now.

Prog troll comments?  Hmm?  Any trolls believe the charges were proper?

UPDATE:  Just-released video shows super-special "gay" cop smiling gaily and hatefully as Christian experiences unconstitutional persecution at hands of ridiculously large group of aggressive cops...

The special "gay" gestapo officer doesn't look all that offended, nor upset, over the Christian who dared to be openly Christian in public, does he?  Like hell he's upset/offended.  He's just a fecking fascist!  Nice fellow, eh?  Might as well be wearing a friggin' brown shirt!

"Not bothering anyone"?  "Not hurting anyone"?  "Just want to live and let live"?  This is what we've been told about the gayfolk.  Well, this particular "gay" person, he's hateful, mean-spirited, fascist, supremacist and hurtful.  And gleefully, gaily so, as you can plainly see from his sick, evil pleasure as the Christian is unconstitutionally persecuted.  This special sexual cop should be fired and charged, as should all the cops involved in this astonishing, brownshirty persecution of a citizen on the basis of his religion.  And the special "GLBT-community-cop" position must be abolished, as it's stupid in the first place!

As we now know, the gestapo was wrong.  The gaily-smiling fascist "gay" cop was wrong.  What a hateful hater!  He'd have made Ernst Roehm proud (and would've been invited to the SA leader's place for drinks, etc...).

NOTE the astonishing, appalling stupidity of the officer who said that the Christian is "under arrest for a 'racially-aggravated' Sec. 5 public order offence".  WTF?!  So playing with the gonads of members of one's own sex constitutes a "race"???  Oh, officer, you mean like how Islam is a "race", too, eh, right?  Ah, I thought so; thank you for confirming your sheer imbecility.

God help Britain, for her police are friggin' morons as well as fascists!

What the hell do they teach at the police academies these days?  Perhaps they really engage, not in "teaching", nor "training", but, in fact, political correctness brainwashing?  How else does one explain the apparent incorrectness of the officers' claims that the Christian was violating the law in a "racially-aggravated" manner?  Clearly, they're mentally-disordered and have no independent thoughts... they're as daft as regular British folks.

Funny how the Christian was persecuted while Labour PM Brown was still in power, and, following the election of Conservative David Cameron as PM, the charge was dropped...  Well, of course.  The Hard Fascist Left was wrong.  The wrongs must now be righted!

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Anonymous said...

Remember the video of these cops running away from the muslim mob? They can play the bully only with Christians because they know they will not be attacked by these peaceful folks. Pit them against the neck choppers and they turn yellow, a bright shameful yellow.