Thursday, May 06, 2010

What! Buddhist Supremacists Persecute Christians!

Incredible.  Hard to believe!  Buddhist Supremacists!
Sources told Compass that 20 to 25 Buddhists brandishing sticks and bamboo clubs in Jamindhonpara village, 340 kilometres (211 miles) southeast of Dhaka, began patrolling streets on Friday (April 30) to keep the 11 members of the Lotiban Baptist Church from gathering for their weekly prayer meetings. On Saturday, the Buddhist extremists captured four men and beat one woman who had gathered in a home, threatening to kill them if they did not become Buddhists within 24 hours. 

WTF!  Buddhists!  I thought theirs was a religion of peace!
The Christians captured Saturday night were released after the extremists, who ripped crosses off the walls of their homes, threatened to kill them if they continued praying and worshipping in the area. After yesterday’s attacks, all Christians in Jamindhonpara fled, taking shelter in another village, source said. Jamindhonpara is located in the Lotiban area, Panchari sub-district of Khagrachari district.

“When they come, they do not listen to us,” said the church member. “They arbitrarily do whatever they like. The situation is indescribable – they hunt us down the same way that one hunts down a mad dog to kill it.”

There's more.  Read it all.  It sounds like Nazi Germany, like much of the Islamic World...

Could there be something about Buddhism we didn't know about?

Those images we see in the Big Media of meek-and-peaceful-looking Buddhists... is there stuff we haven't been told, beyond such images?

Next thing you know, the Progs will coin the term "Buddophobia" to smear anyone who dares to mention stuff like this...

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