Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sorry, Obama, But WalpinGate Will Not Go Away

You remember Mr. Walpin, who was fired after being wrongfully smeared by the Obamacracy, after he daringly went after a corrput associate of Obama's for wrongdoing.

Yup.  He went after the Chicago Mob, angered Obama, and was canned with extreme prejudice and smears.

He went to court.

But the judge refuses to do his job, ignoring the case even beyond the time period within which he's required to do his job.

The Big Old Media also refuses to do its job, letting the whole thing go quietly.

Except for the likes of the Washington Times and World Net Daily.

Isn't it amazing... this guy will get away with everything... will he?

At least until he's either impeached or thrown out of power by November 2012.

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