Thursday, May 13, 2010

Google Covering Up On Obama SSN Fraud Story

 Background post.

Story here.

The evidence obviously requires a serious investigation to be conducted.

But guess what?  It's about as likely to happen as is an official investigation into Hugo Chavez's corruption and violation of peoples' human rights, or Hu Jintao's crimes against humanity.

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Jen said...

Hugo Chavez is also doing the same thing, he controlls anything or anyone that goes against whether in the news internet twitter etc.

Yep, these are the guys that are taking your freedom away and those bastards in the media closes their doors on you to protect OBAMA AND COM.
Only FOX and others like FOX are the only ones left to speak for their countrymen. I pray with GOD'S BLESSING that this FOX MEDIA-GLENN and others remain untouched, that their voices go to every home to comfort those who have been betrayed by the 'big media'.

Here is yesterday's Glenn Beck show- it all relates to 'climate change' Crime INC- and best of all in my view a topic he has on MAURICE STRONG (WELL I BE!),
an american reveals Maurice Strong will CBC remains silent.
Thanks GLENN.

note: Maurice name comes up on the third segment but it is wise to listen from the beginning which leads to Maurice involvement in this whole fiasco.