Friday, May 07, 2010

Excellent Job Creation Continues In Canada

 Conservative PM Harper and FM Flaherty:  Good job, guys!

Story here.

The Canadian economy created a whopping 108,700 jobs last month – more than four times as many as expected – the largest monthly gain on record as the services sector added to payrolls.

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Poor Ignatieff Liberals... now they can no longer whine and complain about the job the Conservatives are doing on the economy, and can't demand any further "stimulus" spending.  Is it any wonder they insanely, incessantly jump up and down screaming about mostly-unsubstantiated rumors and accusations made against Rahim Jaffer and Helena Guergis and make stupid-ass comments about the Governor-General?

 Liberal Leader-Appoint Michael Ignatieff:  Mad because his chances of becoming PM slip further away with each month's excellent job-creation report Shoulda stayed in Obamerica, he must now be thinking.  The Russian-royalty descendant would probably have been an Obammunist "czar" today if he had.  So what if he's not American-born?  There's no evidence that Obama is, either!


Robert of Ottawa said...

As a libertartian minded guy, I will not claim success for the government. This governmetn has simply done less bad things to hold up the economy than socialist governments.

But, politically, during last years attempted coup-d'etat by the "coalition", I was saying they have to go now, when the economy is bad; the longer they leaver it, the better the economy becomes and the more the conservative government will give itself credit for that.

We now see the wisdom of these words.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Of course, it's not all the doing of the government, either the downturn or the upturn. They do play a part, but the global and cyclical situations are more to blame.

Blame and credit are, of course, part of the political propaganda game...

Problem for the Opposition was that they didn't have enough traction for an election, so they didn't "go" when the "going" was supposedly good. They were damned if they did, damned if they didn't. Guess they damn themselves, then, eh!

Onchannel.Net Blog said...

we can struggle as long as we want, it`s obvious that the goverment is always traying to hide things from us almost all the time. i don`t see any "way out" of this continuosly maze.

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