Sunday, May 16, 2010

MSA Student Openly Affirms She's For Second Holocaust

Via NewsReal Blog, with h/t to Small Dead Animals

UPDATE:  Following the exchange, the hijabi neo-Nazi girl went online and parroted the common Hamas talking point, "Death to Israel".

Religion of peace?  Wonder what proportion of the Muslim community is like this pleasant and nice and nonthreatening-seeming-at-first woman?

Every Muslim whom you meet should be asked by you to condemn Hamas and Hezbollah and to affirm tolerance for Israel and Jews.  Oh, and while you're at it, I recommend they also affirm tolerance for GLBTS.  Keep doing this, and if you don't get the answer you expect, then, well, you just might begin to wonder whether the propaganda you've received about the "peacefulness" of 99.9% of Muslims might be just a little bit of an overestimation...  After all, Christians are always being pushed to affirm stuff, so why not everyone else?  Why should left-leaning people only suspect Christians and Jews of being "hateful" but never, never Muslims?  Hmm?


Jen said...

Touch Israel, and GOD will be very angry and He has the power to finish those in a blink of an eye if that mistake is made by Hamas or any country for that matter.

Canadian Sentinel said...

That's why Israel has survived against all odds, seemingly impossible.

That they could go from nothing but desert and people to having a defensive force that fended off multiple hostile, Soviet-armed-and-supported Islamist contries right from the very beginning, is, well, so amazing that one cannot help but figure that God had something to do with Israel's ability to survive no matter what.