Saturday, May 29, 2010

APPLAUSE: Spirit Of Rebellion Alive And Well In Liberal Party (Sort Of)

 Liberal Michelle Simson, heroically defying the tyrannical hypocrite Ignatieff

Story here.

Whoo!  I guess she doesn't realize that she's in the Liberal Party.  Time to wake up, Michelle!  "Doing the right thing" is as important to Liberals as it is to the Chicago Mob!
Ms. Simson is the first MP to take the bold step of publicly revealing her MP expenses. Last year, with little fanfare, she posted the information on her website, fulfilling an election campaign promise to her constituents that she would show them how she spent their money. 

The Liberal Party isn't happy with her doing the right thing.  Liberals don't like "right".  They prefer "wrong", because it's more fun and profitable.

Witness Michael Ignatieff's "leadership" in warning Liberals they better do the wrong thing, not the right thing...  Witness him using stupid excuses...
Rather than praising her and encouraging other MPs to follow her lead, however, Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff told members not to do what she did.

He told his caucus to stick together and not to be mavericks on this issue. He is concerned that different MPs could post different expenses, creating the perception of inequities.

“Right now, she is not very popular in our caucus,” said the Liberal source. “It’s hard when you go against the grain, especially when it’s the right thing to do.”

She's not a Liberal, obviously.

It already seems to me that the Conservatives are smartening up.  Sometimes people forget to do the right thing.  But if they correct their oversights and brainfarts once they realize the error of their approach, then they should be commended and rewarded.

So let's see how much gum which MPs are making us pay for (remember David "I'm entitled to my entitlements" Dingwall, the Liberal who loves gum but is too cheap to pay for it himself?


Anonymous said...

Ms. Simson is a woman of honesty and integrity and should be commended by all taxpayers!

Now that all parties are deflecting the public from MP's audits by creating an "issue" out of the G8 and G20 security costs, I expect to see the furore continue until the demands for audits disappears.Making suckers out of the taxpayers again!!

Jen said...

Good on her to do the right thing however CTV said that Marlene Jennings was the only mp to reveal her expenses which goes to show you just how much research they do.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Or perhaps they know that it's not just Jennings. But they don't care and want to create the illusion that there's nothing more to see here. Who knows? They're either incompetent or manipulative or both.