Monday, May 17, 2010

Hoo-Ah! Check 'Er Out!

The new Miss USA.

Hey, where's her burka?  Aren't Muslim women supposed to wear a bag over themselves?  Uh-oh... better get 'er some well-armed bodyguards, 'cause the Islamo-male supremacists will be out for her...

Shake it, baby!  Shake, baby, shake!  Boobyquake time!!!

What are all those fundi Muslim men, gay or something?  Why the hell don't they want to see such hotness?  Geez!


Simeon (Sam) George Drakich said...

The Miss USA is a joke, the Donald wants controversy to up viewership.
Haven/t the least two been drunken coke snorting sluts.

∞ ≠ ø said...

It is what it is....
And, in the free world, you may be whatever you resolve to be.

I don't think that this young lady will wind up in any other trouble than what is wrought by this misguided event. She may even be a role model, though her credibility is a bit smudged.

From Wikipedia:
Rima Fakih was the second Arab-American winner of Miss USA, Julie Hayek being the first in 1983.
Wiki on Hayek fails to mention her Arabic heritage.
Fakih is Lebanese? Whatever
HTF cares? Cutie Patootie!
Let's just hope nothing bad comes of this.

MariaS said...

Daniel Pipes has a whole array of muslim beauties that have won beauty contests.
Actually, according to most people who watched the show, the runner-up was more beautiful and more talented. This was sort of political move but a good one.
Can you hear the slap in muslim faces resounding even now? I love the sound.