Sunday, May 16, 2010

Kinsella Leaves Iggy War Room, Invades Alberta

Mr. Shit-From-Hell, the infamous Prince of Darkness, Liberal propaganda demon Warren Kinsella, having quit the federal Liberals' War Room, is invading Alberta to foment division and cultural conflict.

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"When the right wing is splitting up, take advantage of it. Play them off against each other, get tough and creative," Kinsella said.

Apparently the Liberals cannot possibly win elections based on policies and issues and on taking the high road, so they have to cheat, cheat, cheat.  Who better than Warren Kinsella to advise them on how to do that?
Kinsella -- who urged delegates to boo and jeer at the mention of the other leaders' names -- said the Liberals should paint Premier Ed Stelmach as tired and out of touch and Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith as new and scary.

Again with the "scary" nonsense.  And the overused talking point "out of touch".  Has Kinsella no new ideas?  Doesn't he realize that we can fight fire with fire and use the same old stuff against his people, effectively neutralizing the effect of his using it?

Already Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann is using Kinsella's propaganda nonsense and vague, unsubstantiated, smeary fearmongering.  Yup.  David Swann has sold his soul to Warren Kinsella in exchange for black-magic propaganda advice.
"Once people understand more about what the Wildrose stands for, they are not going to have the kind of support they are hoping for," Swann said.

It'd be nice if Swann would simply provide some damning, smoking-gun evidence, such as that provided in The Manchurian President, which exposes Obama's extremist background and associations.  But Swann's got nothing at all on the Alliance, so he has to make up unsubstantial, fearmongery nonsense to smear the Alliance in the lazy minds of swing voters.  Oh, yup, it's the Goebbelian Big Lie, although with "Liberal" nuance.  A trademark of Herr Kinsella, more or less, I'd say.

Kinsella also wants the Liberals and NDP to merge.  Which suggests that Kinsella is a Left-Wing Extremist through and through, wanting the most-extreme-left-wing NDP to add its extremism to the slightly-less-extreme-leftwing Liberal Party at the federal and provincial levels.  All with a view to bringing Obammunist tyranny to Canada, perhaps starting in Alberta.

What a nasty, hatefully mean-spirited, Hard-Leftwingnutcase demagogue aptly monikered as The Prince of Darkness.  

He's the Evil Monkey masquerading as a man.

Scary guy, this Warren Kinsella dude...


glasnost said...

Might as well face the facts, his strategy has been effective.

Canadian Sentinel said...

"Has been" is the operative phrase here.

His problem is that we know exactly what it is and know how to deal with it.

It just takes people with balls to effectively neutralize Kinsella's attacks.

glasnost said...

I'm not optimistic that Canadian voters know "exactly what it is and how to deal with it", but they are inured to the silly slurs of "racist" or "bigot". Those slurs have been so overused by the lefties that the words are now ineffective. And the lefties don't seem to have any new words to offer.
So that's it then. The lefties have been proven wrong and are likely in decline, but the path won't be smooth.

marginalizedactiondinosaur said...

I think the strategy goes back to Trudeau and the charter of rights. Isn't that why we have section 15.2to pit canadians against each other.