Monday, May 24, 2010

Thank You, Captain Obvious

Well, anyway, it's obvious to me and to many others 

BUT it's NOT obvious to many, many more, because they haven't "been told" by the establishment corporate elite "news" media whose agenda is to manipulate the perceptions of the public so as to exercise some indirect control over their voting behavior.  Their dependence upon this discredited, manipulative media for their "information" as to reality is the cause of their being out of touch with reality and misinformed.  And the cause of their voting wrongly (as when they voted for Barack Hussein Obama and the Democrats).

Oh, yes... millions and millions of people are guillible enough to believe the Obamacracy's propaganda as delivered via the Elite Establishment Media. Oh, yeah, suuuure- only the fancy, arrogant, stuffy, pompous, politically-correct, "mainstream" media tells the truth and is trustworthy.  Everyone else is, in the words of the Obamacracy, "lying".  But of course.  Anyone who thinks otherwise is crazy, right?

We're talking about the battle for the minds of the critically-important "SWING VOTER".

Here's Newt Gingrich telling it like it is.  Uncut, unfiltered, unspun.  Raw.  To hell with comforting, delusion-promoting "nuance".

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