Monday, May 03, 2010

Why Illegals Enter: Welfare State

It's the Left's fault for making America attractive to those who wish to have an easy life by coming to America... illegally.  Just entering... because they feel entitled to do so, which they most definitely are NOT.

They frequently really come for the socialism.  After all, America's socialism is more generous than that in the countries from which they come.  Like Mexico, from whence most illegal aliens in America hail.


By the way, the issue is NOT about legal "immigration".  It's about illegal alien entry and presence.

It's a Big Lie to claim that the Arizona law is somehow "anti-immigration" or "racist".  It actually has NOTHING TO DO WITH LEGAL IMMIGRATION AT ALL.  And nothing at all to do with race.  The far-left propagandists are saying it's about race, but we know that they're lying.  Nothing in the law says anything at all about race.  The illegal alien lobby needs to stop lying!

Illegal "immigrants" are NOT immigrants.  They are ILLEGAL ALIENS who must, by law, be deported.  Every country in the world has such a law.  There's nothing different, unusual, nor extreme, nor racist, about America's laws against illegal presence of foreigners in the country.

It's actually about simply enforcing the law against being in America illegally.  The U.S. federal government has steadfastly refused to enforce the law, so the States, who foot the welfare and social-programs bill for illegal aliens who take illegal advantage of them, therefore have no choice but to do it themselves.  No choice.  They're running out of money, and cannot afford to feed, clothe, house, provide medical care to, the world.  They can barely even serve legal American citizens and legal immigrants, as it is.  There just isn't any choice but to enforce the law!

If the law isn't enforced, then the whole bloody world, all the poor people in the world, billions of them, will come to America because they know they won't be deported as long as the law isn't enforced (by the feds, anyway).  America cannot support the whole world, and Americans don't want to do that, because it'd be international socialism, pure and simple.  Americans have as much of a right to keep their borders secure and to enforce citizenship and immigration laws... as does every other country's people.  It's bizarre that the Left is acting as if America's the first country in the history of the world to have such laws... simply bizarre!  Their propaganda is astonishing, and so is the Big Media for giving the Big Lies such a big voice!

That's why Arizona is now enforcing the law.  That's all.  They're just enforcing an existing law.  There is no new law.  There's nothing new, except the enforcement that there was supposed to be in the first place, ie. by the feds, who refused to do their job.

You know, the Left doesn't care about the Constitution.  They thumb their nose at the Constitution.  So there's a precedent for that.  What's next, states will hold separation referenda and make a unilateral declaration of independence, even though the Constitution doesn't allow it?  Well, hey, if it's ok for Obama to be President without having validly proven that he meets the Eligibility Clause, then anything is possible.

God help America.  I can't believe they're starting to look like Canada when she was under Liberal rule, with the West and Quebec ready to separate!

Oh, and it must be said that those who don't want to enforce the law... they're bad for national unity in America.  If the feds don't do their job as required by the Constitution, then the States, well, why do they have to obey the Constitution if the feds don't?  Why?  As it is, the feds have breached the Constitution already, so who's to say that the States cannot, and cannot separate to run their own affairs without the interference and oppression of Washington?

It's a precarious situation.

And the fault lies with Obama and the Democrats today.  As well as with Bush in the past (he didn't enforce the law, either).  But Obama and the Democrats can't blame it on Bush, because it's they who are now in charge, and it's their job, which they're not doing.


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