Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Soros-Obama Reich Ministry Of Propaganda

 That's right, I AM using this graphic.  Oh, yeah!  Deal with it!
If the Obamacrats do not stop it with their extreme national-socialism fascist agenda, I'll continue to use graphics like this.  They deserve it!

They (the Obamacrat Reich) want it.  Paid for by the taxpayers, but run by the tyrants who take their money.

Government media.  Or, more accurately, a Reich Ministry of Propaganda.

Goebbels.  Baghdad Bob.  Pravda.  Xinhua.  The Daily Chavez. The CBC.  You get the idea.

The only difference now between the current de-facto state-run "Free Press" and the one they're plotting to set up is that they'll openly declare that it's the Word of The Dear Leader or something like that.

It will NOT be any more free than the current "Free Press", which isn't really "free" at all.  It'll have ZERO freedom, like, you know, Xinhua in Red China, the mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party.

Yup.  Once again George "Proud Nazi Collaborator" Soros is behind it.

The plan:
"The need has never been greater for a world-class public media system in America," begins a 48-page document, "New Public Media: A Plan for Action," by the far-left Free Press organization.

"Commercial media's economic tailspin has pushed public media to the center of the debate over the future of journalism and the media, presenting the greatest opportunity yet to reinvigorate and re-envision the modern U.S. public media system," argued the Free Press document, which was reviewed by WND. 

Yup.  They see an opportunity to impose state-controlled messaging onto The People, funded by The Peoples' own confiscated-without-permission money.

Yup.  They'd probably call it "The Peoples' Media", just like China's known as "The Peoples' Republic", though it's really the Communist Party's republic.  Calling it "Free Press" is pure bullshit, for no way will they call it what it really would be.  That'd be like if Obama had, while running in the 2008 Presidential election, openly declared, "Hi, I'm Barack.  I'm going to destroy America and oppress and tyrannize you under a horrific, mean-spirited, brutal Sharia-Communist system because I believe it's better that you have no rights nor freedoms, because your rights and freedoms are inconvenient to fooking assholes like me and mine.  So vote for me and I'll screw your asses."

They're plotting this because The People are leaving as viewers of the current Big Media which is onside with the Reich, and going to the much-freer FOX News and many other non-state-run sources like World Net Daily, Newsmax, CNSNews, Breitbart, Weekly Standard, National Review, etc., etc., all of which continue to grow quickly.

The founder of the "Free Press", Robert McChesney, is a communist.  He said:
"In the end, there is no real answer but to remove brick-by-brick the capitalist system itself, rebuilding the entire society on socialist principles,'"

 There you go.  That's the agenda.  It's a communist media they're plotting.  It wouldn't be "free" at all; that's a Big Lie to fool the lazy-minded who really don't give a crap... of whom there are many... and whom like hell we'll ever allow to tyrannize we who love our rights and freedoms!

 You have a choice...

Anyway, read the whole thing... there's more.  These guys, they really DO plan to do this... if The People let them.

That's right, Neo... take the red pill for the truth.  Then you'll be able to say, "Hell, no!" like these Patriotic Americans who oppose Obama and his dangerous agenda...

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Jen said...

Listening to Glenn mention GOD, the BIBLE and some proclamation from the BIBLE makes Glenn get stronger.
He told the audience and viewers that within the OBAMA administration there are a few of them who are going outside their job to boycott GLENN BECK show.
Glenn also shows the public a video of Pelosi asking the churches to promote their(OBAMA'S) EPA. to do so while standing at the pulpit.
Obama's people are getting way out of hand.
Prayer is the only answer to the recovery of the USA.