Wednesday, May 26, 2010

American Catholics: World's Most Tolerant People: Penn Jillette

L-R: Penn and Teller.

Story here.

Yup.  Of all the groups Penn's offended, the Catholics are the most tolerant, most rational ("fewest nuts"), least angrily reactive of all.  He says so himself.

Hmm.  I notice that he didn't mention Muslims as one of the groups he's offended.  Perhaps because everyone already knows how "tolerant" that group is...

Leftists/"progressives" will have a hard time agreeing with Penn.  Because they prefer to remain prejudiced.


Jesse said...

I know it's unfair to peg all Muslims as intolerant radicals, but come on. The "radicals" seem to far outweigh the normal peaceful ones.
Christianity has it's share of blood on it's hands but when was the last time you heard of a Christian beating up or killing someone because they wouldn't convert to their religion or because they made fun of Daniel, David, Isaiah or Jacob?
And sure Christianity has it's radicals but they're busy sleeping with prostitutes or rentaboys not murdering people in the name of a prophet.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Those radicals who sleep with hos and stuff... They're not Christians, but rather liberals who say they're Christian so they can say mean stuff about real Christians and get away with it. Not that one needs to claim to be Christian to get away with bashing Christians, though...