Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Leftwing Terror Group Attacking Talk Radio In Name Of 'Fairness'

"Fairness".   Calling it that doesn't fool those of us who know that what they want to do is silence inconvenient voices that dissent from the the hardcore, revolutionary "progressive" "liberal" left-wing orthodoxy, policies and revolutionary agenda.

It's the "Citizens for Civility and Accountability in Media" (CCAM).

Do you smell the odor of George "Proud, Unrepentant Nazi-Holocaust Collaborator" Soros's money emanating therefrom, too?

They hurl the usual terrorist-attack smears at non-"progressive" dissident communicators, such as "hate" and "incite violence".  The disdainful-yawn-provoking usual.  Same wholly-unsubstantiated, and blatantly-hypocritical bullshitty gobbleddygook charges hurled by Obama, Pelosi et al at the peaceful, mainstream Tea Party movement.

Of course, it's another of those groups, like the terrorism-supporting/Islamic-Supremacist/state-apparatus-infiltrator propaganda group CAIR and the hard-left propaganda organization "Southern Poverty Law Center", amongst countless other hard-leftwing terror/propaganda groups, that are given a very loud, prominent, favorable voice in the Big Corporate Media which supports the revolutionary "progressive" agenda and the Obama-Democrat regime.

Their barely-legal intifada against freedom and human rights in America has already begun.

 The usual, all-too-familiar, overused-cliche, propaganda talking points...
Kimber charged that "KMJ programming is dominated by ... talk hosts that are anti-government, anti-President Obama ..." He went on to declare that this kind of talk "creates an atmosphere of divisiveness that allows for the real possibility of violence toward elected officials including the president of the United States."

He offered no examples of this connection between critical talk and subsequent violence because there are none to offer – unless you attend one of the lectures given by radical imams. 

Ironically, hypocritically...
During the Bush years, criticism and dissent were "patriotic." Today, the left embraces its inner censor. 

Speaking of hypocrisy and of inciting violence, it's the "progressive" folks who are doing that.  See?  How's THAT for substantiation?  I provide substantiation, whereas the hard-left brownshirts/bolshevists don't.

Yup.  Obama himself, when himself a dissident against the way-way-way-better-even-though-imperfect Bush Administration, said that dissent was "patriotic".  Today, now that he's in power and proving to be the absolute worst, most destructive, most dangerous, most extreme, most subversive, most America-hating president of all time, he NEVER says this anymore.  Quite the exact opposite!

Funny how this left-wing terror organization says that media should "be responsible for telling the truth".  Why doesn't the hard left ever demand that the establishment-elite big old corporate, leftist, Obama-Democrat supporting media "be responsible for telling the truth", too?  Hmm?  Fecking hypocrites!  Asshats!  They can eat poo!
These tactics mirror a call to action from the FCC "Chief Diversity Officer" Mark Lloyd who has praised Hugo Chavez for taking action against media owners who stifle "intelligent dialogue" and the ability of local communities "to communicate."
Funny how the "progressive" intelligentsiya and footsoldier-terrorists publicly say the exact opposite of what they really mean... isn't it?

Remember, whatever the "progressives" tell you, the opposite is the truth.

UPDATE:  Meanwhile, in Canada, a loony lefty invades a Conservative Cabmin's Constituency Office, going berserk...

PLUS:  Obsessed Palin-hating writer moves in next door to Sarah Palin.  Palin says tall fence to go up to keep out the moonbat.


Jen said...

'LET US PRAY QUIETLY FOR PEACE AND STABILITY in our country and for the entire world"

Share a few tears of sorrow for what we have done for greed and ask God for HIS PEACE AND PROTECTION."

CS, As I write to you I weep, tears stream down my cheeks for what we cannot control on our own- I feel that we are trying so hard but getting nowhere it is getting worse each day, the conservatives cannot handle a battle like this all by themselves; they need our help to continue pull our country through/out the turmoil which faces the world today .

I hope that that the good decent reporters; talk shows hosts who worked for corruptive bosses to leave immediately to form their own to gather as the tea parties are doing to form a 'mighty force' against those who want to destroy us. any reporter or host that feel compel to stay with their corruptive bosses are done.

You know who those medias reporters and talk host who want nothing to do with Canada, military and canadian people.

Canadian Sentinel said...

You're correct, Jen, to let God do His part as we do ours.

The battle between good and evil is never over.

Nevertheless, we must, and will, fight on...

Canadian Sentinel said...

And we now have the advantage of having figured out what's been going wrong all these decades since the Left began its continuing efforts to corrupt the Free World and keep the Non-Free World non-free.

We know their tactics. We know how they think and how they don't think. We know what they want and don't want. We know how to use this knowledge to the advantage of the side of good.

One thing I've come to realize is that the dark forces who conspire behind the proverbial curtain- they're extraordinarily intelligent as well as evil. They're incredibly patient. Their corruptive damage is insidious and gradual but steady in its expansion.

We must never underestimate the ability of and danger posed by those who pull the puppetstrings of the front-liners, the facemen and -women. There's nothing more dangerous to humanity than the combination of extraordinary intelligence, evil and patience. There are those who, for sport, hobby, amusement, etc., seek to foment corruption and conflict amongst humanity and civilization. They really haven't any motivation other than they enjoy doing what they do. It's not really about money, for they already have more than they'll ever need.

Jen said...

It's not really about money, for they already have more than they'll ever need.

CS, money they have but that can run out. The most expensive of all which no money can buy is your 'soul' that is what they want.
Hugo Chavez bought his people with milk and honey but that does not mean that he is going to give them the milk and honey.
The USA presidents is doing the same to his people. Remember, when OBAMA said during his campaign as a black woman puts it "OBAMA plans to pay for her morgage and gas bill, remember that? well, that is his 'milk and honey' to them-not necessarily meaning that he is going to give what they want.