Monday, May 03, 2010

Andrew Breitbart: Raw & Candid

He's letting it all hang out.

Good for him.

I agree with him.  And relate to him.  Obviously.
"These people don't fight fair. The left does not fight fair and so I'm basically saying to conservatives you don't have to fight fair."
Absolutely true!  Because, hey, it's WAR!  In war, fair doesn't equal victory.  It equals defeat.

Therefore, we cannot be fair.  The Left keeps telling us we should be, but the Left itself isn't.  How disingenuous.  Don't worry about what they think of us... they'll think we're nothing but crap, no matter how perfectly nice to them we are.  Nothing we do to try to make them like us... will make them like us.  Why?  Because they hate the fact that we have a different point of view, and they'll do whatever it takes to make it irrelevant and get what they want.  If they can't make us think what they tell us to think, they'll do whatever it takes to get their way, to hell with us.  This is what we're up against.  Yes, it's war!
"I like to get into the gutter with these people. I derive a sick pleasure from it."
Heh. Me, too. Obviously!  Those who know me via the blogging thing know this.  ;)

Being nice to people who will take things away from us no matter what, just because they want to and wrongly believe that they're entitled to, isn't something we really want.  And we have to understand that the "progressive" movement seeks to take everything away and replace it with something dark and unknown, something that's nothing but an experiment doomed to fail.

They've already long ago begun.  We know they've been taking stuff away from us... important, meaningful stuff.  They call it "change".  They call it "progressive".

We want none of it.  Why should we just submit and let them take things away and impose stuff that we don't want?

They can't do it by being true democrats, so they cheat, lie, steal...

Well, we must relentlessly, forcefully INSIST that they do everything exactly by the book, by the Constitution, and respect the will of The People.

I don't care if they consider the Constitution to be "inconvenient".  They HAVE to... they MUST... obey the Constitution!

And they CANNOT impose stuff onto The People against their democratic will just because, in their arrogance, they claim to "know better".

We must resist the tyranny of the extreme minority.

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