Friday, May 07, 2010

Obamacracy-Ravaged USA May Inherit Grecian Chaos, Unrest

VIDEO:  "Progressive" extremists riot in the streets of Greece in opposition to inevitable, necessary austerity measures being taken to salvage national fiscal viability.  Greece has long been extremely socialist and heavy-on-the-public-spending-and-debt in order to "maintain order and prevent chaos" from the "Progressive" Far Left.  Unfortunately, the maintenance of order, the appeasement of the deranged, unhinged, dangerously violent Neo-Communist Extremists and Anarchists was always temporary, for national socialism is unsustainable and ultimately nationally-destructive.  (As is, by the way, international socialism, which must necessarily, by all sane people everywhere, be seen as no less dangerous for all of humanity, and, therefore, must necessarily be relentlessly, aggressively opposed.)

It's not just conceivable; it's actually probable, when one thinks about it enough, looking at the chaos and unrest America has experienced in the past and looking at the suicidal direction into which Barack Hussein Obama and the "Democrats" are rocketing America.

Oh, but don't worry, says Obama, for Lord Obama will magically create a utopian paradise in America and across the world so that we won't have to worry about the inevitable future, for we'll be too obliviously blissful, if only we'd just submit and stop thinking and stop worrying (in other words, stop dissenting and stop "teabagging" and pay attention only to the Big Media that's under the control of the George Soros Empire).  Yup, sez Obama, don't worry, be as gay as can be, praise Allah, and, above all, don't "pursue" happiness, just, simply, be happy!

Take the red pill, Neo.  Remember, all I'm offering is the truth... nothing more.  Of course, you can, instead, choose, as the Progressive Collective Mind recommends, the blue pill and proceed to blissfully, albeit suicidally, ignore reality as it crumbles around yourself so that you won't care about... what's to come, which won't be pretty...


joe six-pack said...

I tend to agree. One match can be if hyper inflation hits the U.S. Predicting the future is iffy at best, but I do agree that we are headed down a dangerous path. Hell, just the fact that the U.S. government ignored the will of the U.S. people by passing a health care bill that we did not want against our wishes is dangerous enough.

Jen said...

'Glenn Beck a couple days ago painted a grim picture of the USA, as he he held a book written by (forgot the author's name) 'the image of our future'

Glenn said what you see in Greece can happen in USA.
He even went on to say that he and his father were 'Union supporters that they understood the need for unions at that time.
Unfortunatly, Unions have gotten powerful and out of control.

We have three Opposition parties that belong to the unions and from what I see, the media wouldn't mind that they take our country down the same path as Greece since they, media, show sign of life at the way our country is going and doing in the world.