Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Rifqa Receiving Christmas Cards

Well, after all, she's now a Christian, so surely Rifqa Bary's Islamic parents ought to be understanding of that and not try to prevent her from receiving Christmas cards

The Ohio girl, who ran away to Florida because she said she feared her father would kill her for converting from Islam to Christianity — only to be sent back to Ohio by a Florida judge — remains in the care of a county children's services agency where she has been receiving "quite a lot" of Christmas cards from well-wishers across the country, according to one of her attorneys.

John Stemberger said an attorney for Bary's parents filed a motion earlier this month seeking to ban the 17-year-old from receiving outside messages, including Christmas cards. But Rifqa is receiving the cards nonetheless, he said.


"If she's declared an independent, that'd be a victory," Stemberger said. "The essence of this case is a girl who converted and is getting increased hostility from the people who should be loving her the most. It's the reason she ran."

All should be supporting Rifqa Bary.  We must not fail her, for, because of Supremacist Islam, her life is in danger.  She deserves protection from dangerous haters. 

UPDATE:  Rifqa doesn't have to 'sit down with' supremacist family

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Always On Watch said...

Small victories, but victories nonetheless.