Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Moot Discussion

Following ClimateGate, isn't it amazing how so many will carry on as if the whole ghg emissions/global warming/catastrophic climate change thing hadn't been completely debunked.

Of course, it's only as far as rational, logical, crititcal-thinking folks are concerned that it's completely debunked.

Irrational, illogical, lazy-minded folks will obviously carry on as if we're destroying the world and must take draconian self-sacrificing measures to stop the end of the world.

So the discussion regarding ghg emissions of the Prairie Provinces' oilsands extraction operations is moot, as it's now clear that these gases aren't destroying the planet and are actually necessary for life on earth (carbon dioxide is essential to plant life, after all, and don't forget that plants are where oxygen, our own life-essence, comes from).

They needn't worry about who's going to shoulder the burden of ghg-emission-reduction of the oilsands. Because it's irrelevant, as it doesn't matter what gases are emitted.

The EPA's declaration of carbon dioxide as dangerous? Forget about it. It's all politics, not science, and is shockingly dishonest, a big lie. Not to be taken seriously.

Those who still believe the big lie are cranks who deserve to be laughed at.