Sunday, December 27, 2009

Obama Regime Knew He Was, But Deemed Terrorist 'Not A Threat'

The Obamacrat Reich sure has a funny way of "keeping America safe".

Why, why, why... did they allow a suspected-dangerous person to fly?  Why, why, why???

The alleged Christmas Day terrorist had been in one of the U.S. government's largest terror databases since November, when his father brought him to the attention of embassy officials in Nigeria.

But Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab came to the attention of intelligence officials months before that, according to a U.S. government official involved in the investigation. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing.

 The guy's apparently so deranged and dangerous that even his own father felt it important to warn America about his apparent intentions.

Oh, well, it shouldn't be any surprise, as we've seen how much the Obamacrat Reich considers clearly-dangerous folks to be a threat.  We've seen Obama appoint such people, like Van Jones and Kevin Jennings, to powerful or at least high-level advisory positions in the Reich, thus putting America and the American People at risk.  Look at where the evidence logically leads your investigation, each and every time you see dangerous ideological radicals being appointed to the Reich and, incredibly, shockingly, having their existence ignored or sugarcoated by the Big Old Media.

The questions, naturally, must now fly around.  Bear in mind I'm just posing questions, ok, so don't bother labelling me a "Truther", not that it'd apply in this case, because we KNOW that the Reich KNEW that there was this dangerous enemy entity threatening America who, amongst other things, oughtn't be permitted to climb aboard an American airliner.  It's not a theory this time.

Is it actually NOT a question of stupid-liberal negligence and cavalierly arrogant uncaringness?

Is it, instead, frighteningly, more a question of cold, calculated, malicious deliberation, at least on the part of the Wealthy, Powerful Men Behind The Curtain, obediently followed by Obama and the Obamites?  Is all of this stuff on purpose, in service of an agenda dangerous to America and the American People?

I ask this as it actually appears consistent with the Reich's suspected hidden agenda to, for whatever insane-or-evil-or-both reasons, more or less destroy America as we know her, to turn her into something she's never been, to destroy that about America which made her the greatest nation in the history of the world and the brightest beacon for freedom, democracy, the rule of law and human rights worldwide.  Might letting just a few lone terrorists actually succeed... might this be part of The Agenda?  Just let a few suspected-dangerous folks get through, what could it hurt?  So a few folks will die, a few buildings will be toppled, but at least it might help accelerate The Agenda, which could benefit from chaos and catastrophe?

Or was it just a matter of delusional, politically-correct, racist thinking, "well, see, the guy's black, so it's impossible for him to be a threat, as we well know that it's only the whites who can possibly ever be bad and dangerous, so let him fly"?  Is it the same thinking that motivated the Obama-Holder Justice Department to let off the hook the "New Black Panthers" who commited the hate-crime felony of intimidating white folks away from a polling station, waving batons and uttering racially-aggressive phrases?  Open-and-shut case, conviction guaranteed, but it was dropped, apparently because the racist felons were black, like the guy on the plane who was allowed to get on it in the first place, despite the credible signs that he's too dangerous to be so permitted!

The Obamacrat Reich knew that Maj. Hassan of Ft. Hood was a dangerous threat, but did nothing.  The rest is horrific history.

Is a pattern emerging?  Will we eventually be unable to foster any remaining reasonable doubt as to whether the Obamacrats give a damn about dangers to America and Americans?

When will the next terrible event occur, for which it'll, after the fact, become clear to us that the Reich had foreknowledge that the perpetrator(s) were dangerous and likely to do something deadly and destructive on American soil?

No doubt... it'll happen again.  Because it's becoming apparent that the Obamacrat Reich doesn't want to prevent it!

One Big Ass Mistake, America.

Next time use your brains and ignore the propaganda in the Big Old Media that's telling you to...

"Vote for this guy, he's great!  He utters big, cool, comfortably-vague words like "Hope", "Change" and "Audacity", so forget about his scary-looking narrow mustache and crazy-sounding oratory and just vote for him!  He'll bring all kinds of cool, unknown stuff to the nation!  Hell, he says he'll change the world, too!".

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