Monday, December 21, 2009

Left Engaging In 'Hysterical Attacks' Against Palin: McCain

Yep.  The Left is hysterical, especially about Sarah Palin, and for no good reason at all, none whatsoever... the lady's clean, and that's what they can't stand.

Now the Left is all a-Twitter just 'cause Mrs. Palin wore a hat!

Aaaaah!  A hat!!!  OMG!!!  Aaaah!  WTF!!!  A HAT!!!

Geez!  Crazy nutcases, the Left's fulla!


Jen said...

At least FOXNEWS will come to Sarah's aide to speak for her against the lefties. the PMSH on the other hand, has no national television to speak for him.
I wonder if the deranged media will accuse her of drinking coke.

Bottom line is that OBAMA is free to say that there are fifty states yet Palin is condemned for wearing 'A HAT'-how low can the media go.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Next thing you know, they'll have a shee-it fit 'cause Sarah had the unmitigated gall to dare to wear a SKIRT! Obviously, Leftists believe women should only wear makes-everybody's-ass-look-fat pantsuits.

Just wait til the Left notices that Sarah dares to wear pantyhose, which they must believe is oppressive to women, and which they probably believe was invented by a hateful male chauvinist. Then they'll notice that Sarah actually (*gasps of horror by Leftists*) shaves her legs so they'll look good in 'hose. Then they'll go nuclear.

They'll make any crap up, any kind, no matter how silly, and hatemonger against Sarah, saying, "She's a monster, because she combs her hair!" and silly nonsense like that.