Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Shocking Depravity Imposed On Kids By Obama Czar Jennings

The Obamacrat Reich is disgustingly depraved to want such an individual to be "School Safety" Czar.

If there were to be a full, uncensored information campaign followed by a national referendum on whether to fire Kevin Jennings from his post in the Obamacrat Reich, I guarantee that the vast majority of Americans, shocked and appalled, would vote to give him the boot. Not in the way he might like to get it, though. Unless he likes being kicked like Dagwood Bumstead gets kicked by Mr. Dithers. Who the hell knows? Problem is that he likes to tell schoolchildren they ought to try the same crazy nonsense he's doing. Stuff that's supposed to be only for "adults" to do and which children aren't supposed to know about (that's why kids are forbidden to buy dirty mags, rent dirty movies, etc.).

Just one little example of all the insane stuff there's going on with the Obamacrat Reich.

And we thought the Clinton Regime was depraved, with the cigars and the blue dresses in the Oral Office and stuff, but the Obamacrats really take the cake... where they take it, I don't want to know!