Sunday, December 13, 2009

Liberal Senators 'Gut' Crime Bill

Here we go again.

Hard-Left Liberals, who dominate the Senate for now, leftifying and politically correcting a bill already passed by the House of Commons.
Bill C-15 had proposed a person found guilty of trafficking who had previously been convicted of a drug-related offence within the prior decade would receive a minimum prison sentence of one year while someone with a prior record who was convicted of growing five or more marijuana plants would receive six months of mandatory jail time. But Liberal senators, backed by four independents, passed an amendment upping the pot plant number to 200 while handing judges discretion at applying the mandatory minimum to aboriginal offenders.
Uh-oh, the Liberal Senators, apparently pro-marijuana, also made the bill racist!

Shame, shame!
"It's definitely the wrong approach to justice to create, essentially, two different levels of sentencing based on race. As an aboriginal person, I just see it as offensive," Bruinooge told the Sun.
Shame, shame! Racist Liberals strike again to divide Canada along racial lines!

To most intelligent people this is nothing more than treating aboriginals softer when it comes to justice. These changes in the Bill means there are two sets of rules. And no matter how you spin it, the end result screams "two-tier justice."

Bruinooge has it right.

Again, the Liberals expose their hidden, frighteningly Hard-Left agenda via their cronies in the Senate who, for now, don't have to worry about accountability and re-election. The Liberals are imposing Hard-Left extremism upon Canada even though they're not even in power in Parliament anymore!

Anyway, soon the Conservatives will have more Senators than do the Liberals. While, due to the fact that there are independent Senators, the Conservatives don't have a majority, they've got a "working majority", as it's called, which means that frequently Senators aren't present to vote, including for health reasons. And there's a lot of older Liberal Senators there, which means a higher probability of absence due to health reasons than it does for the Conservatives, who have many younger Senators, recently appointed, compared to the Liberals, who have plenty of closing-in-on-75 Senators. Of course, there's also that Liberal Senator who can't be there because he's facing criminal charges...

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