Monday, December 28, 2009

Vile Tree Ornaments Indicate Obama's Ideology

White House 008 
 Above: One of Obama's tree ornaments.
A Communist mass murderer who destroyed Chinese culture, replacing it with ugliness that only pleases the piggishly demonic Communists.

How lovely.  No angels?  No Santas?  No Jesuses, no Wise Men?
Of course, there ain't no wise men in the Obama White House!

A Mao ornament.  A rainbow flag ornament with a tranny's mug and autograph on it.  An ornament depicting Obama's head on Mount Rushmore.

Mass-murderous Communism.  Sexual extremism.  Self-aggrandizement.  Oh, my!

Yep.  Clearly, Obama's a LEFTIST!  All those things are leftist.

The facts can only make the reasonable person feel shocked by the Obamas' sanctioning of evil via proxy.
He uses his brand to market the most destructive and cancerous ideas in human history. Obama uses proxies to get the most noxious narrative into the national dialogue, the daily workplace, and the minds of our youth.

I have documented for years the unprecedented hate speech, bigotry, Jew hatred, and anti-American invective on Obama’s Web site, both during the campaign and in its new transitional incarnation of — Organizing for America.
Pamela explains that what's allowed to stay up and what isn't is what demonstrates the ideology of the Obamacrat Reich.  Any wonder now as to why I use the term "Reich" when discussing the Obamacrat government?  It's as if there's a Reich Minister of Propaganda overseeing everything that gets communicated in any way, shape, or form.

I recall that many questions about eligibility and Obama's birth certificate were posted on the so-called "Openness and Transparency" website of Obama's, and they were ALL removed.  Obviously asking The Big Question is verboten and is considered blasphemous to the Reich!

But hate and violence incitement against folks the Hard Left hates... were allowed to stay up, with the excuse that, well, the Obamas didn't write the stuff, so they're "not responsible".  Much like Obama's number one benefactor George Soros makes up illogical gobbleddygook to wrongly deny responsibility and guilt for his collaboration with the Nazis during the Holocaust.

Well, I wonder if there are anti-Muslim and anti-gay comments allowed to stay on any of Obama's sites?  I seriously doubt that (I'd eat my shorts if anyone could provide a link to some old anti-Muslim and/or anti-gay stuff on any of Obama's sites).  Surely such filth would be removed, but not the Judeophobic and anti-Israel hatemongering stuff.

Pamela takes a resolute stand:
This is not moral equivalence. This is sanctioning evil, promoting it under his trillion-dollar brand.

The ornaments were no accident. They were part of a cultural revolution like Mao’s - and you know how that worked out.

It was a very Maoist Christmas, courtesy the Obama White House!

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