Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Political Correctness Is The Cause, Not The Vague Phrase 'Systemic & Human Failure'.

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...and what, if anything, did Obama know/not know... and do/not do?  Why/why not?

These are the hard questions he must be asked and which he must answer truthfully.

After all, if it was Sarah Palin who was President today, surely the Big Old Media would be asking these questions all day long, day after day.  And if she didn't satisfy them 100%, if she didn't say what they wanted to hear, they'd bomb and blitz her and the community organizers would gather the ragged, mentally-disordered young useful idiots to march naked whilst lynching and burning her in effigy on the streets and screeching that she's Hitler with tits and all the other standard Hard-Left bullshit smears we saw them spew about Bush, but which they refuse to spew about Obama, because the community organizers are all on Obama's side.  Anyway, y'all with brains know what I'm talking about, for you've seen it all, surely.

Let me tell y'all what's the REAL cause of the failure.

Political correctness!

In other words, the US knew that a Nigerian national was going to try to blow up a US airliner.

But they didn't want to engage in "profiling", particularly because it's expected that pretty much any randomly-found Nigerian would be dark-skinned, meaning that they'd be engaging in "racial profiling", which would be, in their feeling, even worse than letting a black Muslim go ahead and blow up a loaded US airliner!

That's what happened.  They didn't do their job.  They didn't do the necessary profiling stuff.  Period!

A Nigerian without a passport(!!!)  A besuited guy fast-talking the airline folks into letting him get onto the plane.  No problem.

And he had a bomb on his person.

And he almost blew up the plane.  Almost is too much!


Again, I want to ask:  What, if anything, did Obama know, and what, if anything, did he order done?

Hmm.  You know, if it was somebody like Timothy McVeigh, does anyone believe that racial profiling wouldn't have been performed?  Exactly.  Ok to racially profile white guys but not anyone with dark skin.  Hey, that's racist!  And it's racist to look the other way with EVERY potential terrorist with dark skin, but not with light skin.

To not racially profile regardless of race... is racist!  And potentially deadly.

Of course we must use ANY AND ALL characteristics in profiling to filter out potential mass murderers... no matter what their skin color, nationality, religion, etc...

When it's about saving lives or letting them be destroyed, I think the moral and ethical imperative is to save lives, regardless of political correctness considerations.

Who cares about the race, nationality, religion, etc., of the persons we're trying to weed out according to intelligence?  If we don't do the job, then people WILL die.

Is it worth it to submit to the Hard Left's ideological bigotry if it means that sooner or later people WILL die because of such political correctness evil?

You know... The Fort Hood terrorist, Hassan, was known to be a risk, but nothing was done to prevent what happened.  Why?  Because of the Obamacrat Reich's Prime Directive of political correctness, particularly the sort in which there must be no profiling of MUSLIMS when it comes to weeding out potential terrorists, even though pretty much ALL of the terrorists are Muslims.

Yep.  People died at Fort Hood because of the Culture of Political Correctness!

Political correctness is on everyone's mind all the time, because we're all brainwashed to think of it.  There's no escaping the mentality, no matter who one is.

And this mentality is the cause of the failures, not VAGUE (talking points) "systemic and human failures", as Obama would have us believe.

The cause of the failures is POLITICAL CORRECTNESS!

If it's ok to profile on the basis of people being white, in order to marginalize and neutralize white supremacism, then it's ok to do it on the basis of anything and everything in order to marginalize and neutralize any kind of supremacism and to save lives.  We KNOW this.

Leftists want to spare peoples' feelings, at the cost of the lives of some.

Normal people want to spare peoples' lives at the cost of the feelings of some.

Who's taking the moral high ground?


To believe that feelings have more worth than lives is... illogical.

Ergo, it's also a failure of logic.

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Jen said...

this is when we fight the big fight for our very survival, freedom and democracy. God gave us the means to use. I think that the media and the far left 'are' afraid of GOD not to tell the truth. They went against GOD to create their own god. And those reporters who chose to remain with these media accept what the medias are doing to the public: the manipulations, lies, insults.
The Canadian national media are doomed, however there are reporters who are very good and have spoken against their colleagues for the incorrect information are still in that particular main media. These reporters should get out fast. Create their own newspaper media share notes with others do their job honestly and truthfully as possible.
We all live under the same roof.