Friday, December 11, 2009


They're so xenophobic towards inquiries and are aggressively stonewalling freedom-of-information requests to provide proof of their frightful claims of impending global catastrophe.

So it's reasonable to suspect that they're part of the international conspiracy to spread a BIG LIE to the People of the World.

Seems, also, Obama is a BIG MOUTHPIECE for the scammers, too. Just listen to him spew the most laughably ridiculous theories masquerading as if "proven" fact.

Guess Obama's too daft to realize that simply saying something's "proven" isn't any good, because people won't believe it if proof isn't provided. Especially since there's ZERO observable real-world evidence to back up such claims. Show us the warming; we see only cooling. Show us the climate change. We see only normal seasonal changes. Come on, man, what do you think we are, stupid?

Then again, Obama's most likely just reading, automatically and without critical thought, the stuff given to him via the TOTUS. He probably has no idea what he's saying at all, kind of like a kid reading out loud in class from the text of a Shakespearian play.

Funny how the folks who put men on the moon can't even provide proof of their astonishingly unbelievable fearmongering assertions as to what sounds pretty much like the end of the world and that we, mere humans, can prevent this from happening.... if we just radically transform our lifestyles precisely as the Elite Few dictate. Not to mention hand over a lot more of our money.

Why should we submit to such unbelievability? No reason at all, obviously, because they won't give us any; they just say to "trust them". So...

We should NOT submit.

I, for one, haven't, nor will I.