Monday, December 28, 2009

Any Opposition To The New Housing Is Just Judeophobic

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There's nothing wrong with Jews living in any part of Jerusalem, nothing wrong at all.

They have as much of a right to live in "East" Jerusalem as the so-called "Palestinian" Muslim/Arabs have to live in Israel, which they actually do, wherever they live.

The Israelis/Jews are just moving into new apartments in a different part of their capital city of  Jerusalem, which is clearly, indubitably in their own country, not a mythical nation dubbed "Palestine" which has never legally existed at all.

The Muslims just don't want any Jews living near them, so they oppose, out of red-eyed hatred and prejudice, any new Jews in the neighborhood.  Shame on the bigoted "Palestinians"!  They're xenophobic haters, plain and simple!  The "Palestinians" are no better than were the Nazis, who also had a red-hot hate-on for Jews and were able to execute many more than the "Palestinians" have been able to, but only because the Nazis controlled everything.  If the "Palestinians" control enough stuff, then watch out, for they're going to unleash Hell on Earth when they see the plausibility and probable success of doing so.  First they've got to weaken Israel... that's their modus operandi and they're very patient with it.  History is the proof, for those who doubt what I'm saying here.

The "Palestinian" Muslims are no better than stupid homophobes who don't want any "faggots" moving into their neighborhoods.  They're no better than white supremacists who drive new black neighbors out of the neighborhood.  No better at all.  We should be viewing the "Palestinian" Muslims like we view deranged homophobes and white supremacists.

And we must necessarily, if we're righteous folks who care about the difference between right and wrong, moral and immoral, truth and lies, etc., view the Jews/Israelis as defenders of their own existence and own nation, which the Islamic World has been trying to destroy from Day One, first via conventional war and then by "terrorism" and an international hate-propaganda campaign.

Isn't it weird that the nations of the Islamic World, just next door to the area, have banned the Muslims of the area, since 1967, from relocating to those Islamic nations?  Why do they refuse all "Palestinian" refugees?  The Free World is obviously superior to the Islamic World on the refugee file, and so is Israel, for treating the refugees as equals, for giving them equal opportunities, allowing them to become Israeli citizens, run in and win in Israeli elections, etc., etc...  But the "International Community" doesn't seem to be privy to these indubitable facts, or, alternatively, is, but chooses to ignore these facts out of Jew-hatred.

It's all part of a vast conspiracy to destroy Israel.  Oh, yes.  A conspiracy.  Only idiots and fools and haters will disagree with this obvious reality.  It's been revealing itself right before our very eyes for decades!

By the way, what the hell need Israel care about what America thinks of what she does?  What business is it of America's?  Hey, maybe America should be bossing the Chinese around vis-a-vis Taiwan, if it's demanded that America boss Israel around!  How about bossing Russia around vis-a-vis the Georgian land they stole and now occupy?  Why not boss Iran around, rather than just letting the Islamic theocracy carry on with its evil agenda that promises to destroy both Israel and America?  Hmm?

It's ridiculous, in light of the bigger world problems facing us today, to bitch and whine about a few hundred Jews moving around in their own city, in their own country, moving into new apartments.  I mean, who does it harm?  How could it harm anyone?  Really, they're not hurting anyone.  The only people who ever start any harming is the "Palestinians" who do it just because they hate Jews.  Israel is only causing harm in the name of her own self-defence and fight to survive against those who hate Israel beacause she's a Jewish nation, and the only one in the Middle East, and the only one that practices freedom, democracy, the rule of law and human rights!

To hate Israel and impose impossible demands upon her is to hate all of the good things she's about.  To hate Israel is to love tyranny and oppression and evil.

It's time for the "International Community" to awaken.  And to tell the Islamic World, including those who self-label as "Palestinian", to stop hating Jews and Israel and to accept their existence and equality, and to leave them alone... if they, in turn, are to be left alone.

Bottom line:  Leave Israel alone and Israel will leave you alone.  Attack Israel and she'll attack you back.  Fair is fair!

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