Sunday, December 27, 2009

Foiled AQ Terror Attacker: Did Obama, Napolitano Know Of His Intent?

Surely, if a terrorist's father warned the U.S. government that his son is plotting to attack people via terrorism...  well, use common sense.

A congressional official said Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, a 23-year-old Nigerian, popped up in U.S. intelligence reports about four weeks ago as having a connection to both al-Qaida and Yemen.

Another government official said Abdulmutallab's father went to the embassy in Abuja with his concerns, but did not have any specific information that would put him on the "no-fly list" or on the list for additional security checks at the airport.

Ah.  There's the "specific information" thing again.  Apparently now we've seen that it's problematic.

I suggest scrapping the "specific information" requirement.  It's obvious that it doesn't work, and that it prevents America from being careful enough to prevent terrorist attacks.  Sure, this one failed, but it almost succeeded.

Besides, we're talking about an administration which infamously warned law enforcement officials to be on the lookout for so-called "right-wing extremists" who simply oppose any government policies (pretty much ALL Americans), not bothering to remind them of the "specific information" requirement for being allowed to pursue any individual for anything.  Fortunately, the regime was caught, shamed and forced to abandon the advisory, as, clearly, they were actually targeting Americans who didn't like Obamacrat policies and wanted to scare/intimidate them into submission somehow, using local and state police officers to do their dirty work for them.

Thank goodness for those "anonymous officials" who tell us what's what, despite being forbidden to do so.  These brave folks know that their orders to shut up about this stuff... such orders are wrong in that they tend to cover up the truth that terrorism/attempted terrorism is a far more frequent problem than "the authorities" will let us know.

Since we know that there are far more dangerous enemies to America than mere peaceful civilian opposition to some policies thereof, well, I'd urge the current regime in Washington to pursue America's actual enemies with the unprecedented, astonishing zeal with which they've been pursuing peaceful, democratic political opponents at home!

Also, it really doesn't matter how light or dark a person's skin is.  The new political correctness is to pursue suspected enemies without regard to skin color.  Right now, law enforcement and counterterrorism agents are bound by political correctness imperative that intimidates them away from pursuing suspected enemies due to fear of the automatically-spewing-from-the-Left (and from the Islamic crimimal-organization CAIR) "racial profiling" charges.

Light or dark skin, doesn't matter.  Any and all reasonably suspected enemies of America, go after 'em!  It saves lives!

Of course, only fools will believe the Obamacrat Reich will protect America from her enemies.

Hell, their Head Puppet has been seen bowing before some of them...


Watcher said...

I remember reading years ago on how the Israelis handle security. The first line of defence is to hire the right people, pay them and train them well. A person with something to hide gives off visual cues a trained person would notice. If they question you and don't like the answer, you go to the second level, then a third if necessary and guaranteed, you are not getting aboard that plane.

Thankfully the plane and all its passengers landed safely. What happened to the air marshalls that were suppose to be aboard? I don't hear about it any more or is it only on domestic flights? I know a U.S. military veteran who applied and was turned down. Maybe some of the readers know.

Anonymous said...

The massive over-reaction of the Canadian airlines is a symptom of the whole problem of "security". Profiling is the only way to bring some sanity to air travel. Young men of whatever race are the culprits. 70 year old grandmothers are not. And the officious, petty-minded losers who staff security simply add insult to injury.

Watcher said...

Its all over the news.. another incident on a Detroit bound flight. It doesn't appear to be as serious as the Christmas Day attempt but one is too many. I live in the Windsor area on the glide into Detroit Metro. If the unthinkable ever happens, chances are its coming down in Canadian airspace.

Security in public areas is a serious issue and it should be manned with trained personnel who are more than glorified mall cops. Apologies to any mall cops out there but lives are at stake. I have to agree with the previous post and say that at the border and airports, they target many of the wrong people probably in the name of political correctness.