Sunday, December 20, 2009

Civil Rights Panel Probing Obama Justice Department

For letting militant black racist bigots off the hook for voter intimidation against whites at a polling station.

Open and shut case, as you saw for yourself in the above video.

Racists. Black supremacists. Threatening white voters, intimidating them away from exercising their equal rights.

Is that ok, or is it a hate crime and a felony? Well?

Why did the Obama Regime let these terrible racists off the hook?

As far as I'm concerned, the Obama regime is racistRACIST!!!  This includes Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder, both of whom are black, just like the black racists they made sure got off the hook.  Yes, I am saying they're racists!

If it had been white supremacists instead of black supremacists, and the Bush administration had dismissed the case against them even though the evidence was concrete, then clearly there'd have been riots the likes of which haven't been seen in America since the aftermath of the Rodney King case verdict.

Racism is horrible, evil and wrong, no matter who the racists are.

Anyone dare to disagree?  Anyone who would disagree is a racist!

Apparently the Obama Regime disagrees.  Therefore...

Glenn Beck was right!  

Obama, because he doesn't care about this case at all, is a racist!

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Anonymous said...

Nothing like calling it like it is.

The true racists in Western Countries in general and the US in particular are either black/Mexican or self-loathing leftists. It's about time they got told to sit down and shut up.

Thank you for joining Glen Beck in calling them out.