Saturday, December 19, 2009

TorStar Targeting Christians In Government

Christianophobia!  Toronto Star raising prejudices against Christians!

If they talked so much like this about Muslims in government, they'd be branded "Islamophobes" by the CAIR et al.

They're raising scary, hypothetical questions about Christians in government, trying to make people fear them and mistrust them.

It's unclear whether Harper shares their social Conservative – or theocon – beliefs. That's the big question that only one or more majority governments can answer. How far would Harper go on the hot-button social issues of the religious right, including abortion, same-sex marriage, easy divorce and public day care?
There the Hard Hateful Left goes again, with the Christianophobic fearmongering and hatred-spewing.

They don't do this with Muslim politicians.  Nor with homosexual politicians.  They don't publicly muse about such politicians imposing their views onto the population, for they trust these folks implicitly, unlike their attitude towards Christians, hence my labelling them as Christianophobes.

You know, there's all kinds of extremists in the Obamacrat Reich.  Islamic supremacists.  Homosexual militants imposing their beliefs on others.  Communists.  Racists.  Eugeneticists.  Fascists.  Pacifists.  Anarchists.  Yes, there is, though the Big Old Media, the propaganda mouthpiece of the Reich, certainly won't alert the People as to these inconvenient truths.

And the Toronto Star won't go around asking how far THEY would go.  The TorStar apparently, therefore, wants whatever THOSE folks have planned.  Ergo, since the TorStar is raising these scare questions about the Conservatives just because there's some folks of Christian faith in the party, the TorStar is fearmongering against Christians.  Singling them out.  Especially since they're not in a Leftwing party.  We know this.

Now, the following, you know, if it had been a Muslim who said that, in a Muslim way, the TorStar wouldn't tell us about it.  But they'll tell us about it since it was a Christian who said it.  They want to expose Christians whenever they have an opportunity, whereas they don't dare mention Muslims talking about Islamizing the country by taking over the government.  They wouldn't dare!

Nevertheless, the appointments were seen as a message to the hard right that Harper is on their side. They may have been displeased with the moderation of minority power – a free vote on same-sex marriage, the scuttling of crime legislation to protect the unborn – but he's still their guy on core beliefs.

"I think every Christian is under an obligation to change laws to reflect biblical values," Reid said on the website

He's also on the record with: "Only God can make Canada a truly Christian country... We are called to speak biblical truth to seek justice – and that obviously has implications for our political life."

What's wrong with Christian principles in government?  We've always had they anyway; they're not new.  It's just that folks like those at the TorStar want to get rid of them for some bizarre reason, as if they're somehow bad, which they aren't.  I see they also used the phrase "hard right".... they never use the phrase "hard left".  Weird, that.

Well, I'm not surprised to see the hard-left Big Old Media, the TorStar in this instance, going out of their way to spread fear and prejudice against Christians, whereas they steadfastly refuse to speak the shocking truth about Islamic supremacism, etc.

Oh, well, things are different today.  People know that the Big Old Media is biased, prejudiced and has an anti-conservative, anti-Christian agenda.  They're hard-left and it shows.

Just had to point that out.

Besides, would the reasonable, well-informed (as opposed to brainwashed by the Big Old Media who lies about and covers up so much) person rather have a caring, compassionate, human-rights-upholding Christian nation or an oppressive, intolerant, torturous, murderous, inequitable theocracy such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan under the Taliban, etc.?

After all, the Free World itself has been constructed upon a Christian-principles foundation.  And it's for this reason that we enjoy the rights and freedoms we do today.  If if weren't for Christianity, the entire world would be more like the likes of Iran, China, Russia, Cuba...  Which is why those who rule those countries hate Christianity and the Free World.

If we abandon Christianity via persecution and ostracization of Christians, we'll lose our rights and freedoms, because then evil people will be in power instead of good people.

Anyway, that's how I see it.  Of course, Leftists will definitely disagree.  After all, the Left hates Christianity and exalts atheism, Islam, socialism, dictatorship.

Shame on the Toronto Star!  Spreading hatred and contempt against good people, wanting the public to think they're bad when they aren't!

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Anonymous said...

Target those subversive Christian values. You know the ones about not lying, stealing, killing or cheating on your spouse. Another good reason not to by the Toronto Star rag sheet.