Monday, December 28, 2009

No One Leading TSA

What's the matter, Barry-O?   Must you appoint no one other than Hard-Left extremists to absolutely everything in the Administration?

Don't you ever consider anyone who's moderate and not a Hardcore Leftwing Radical?

Many American airline passengers may be surprised to learn the Transportation Security Administration, the agency responsible with securing all modes of transportation in the country, currently has no leader.

Republican lawmakers have placed a "hold" on President Obama's pick to head the TSA over concerns he could undermine safety by unionizing airport security. The nominee is Erroll Southers, assistant chief in charge of security and intelligence at the Los Angeles airport's police department.

"It's very simple. Giving union bosses control over security at our nation's airports is dangerous and will harm our ability to respond to serious threats," said Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C.

"If President Obama's nominee will not commit to putting homeland security above the whims of union bosses, it should give everyone serious concern," DeMint said last month when the conflict developed.

And that's not all with Erroll Southers.  There's more.  He's been censured by the FBI.

Erroll Southers, who was serving as an FBI special agent at the time of the censure, asked a co-worker's husband who worked for the San Diego Police Department to run a background check on his ex-wife's boyfriend.
We've already seen, in Canada, what happens when we allow unions to run things, like health care.  People die needlessly!

After all, unions are run by Hard-Leftwing Extremist Radicals.  And such folks aren't fit to run anything more complex than their own hotdog stand.

C'mon, Obama.  DON'T BE AN EXTREMIST!  Appoint someone MODERATE!


It's a matter of life and death!

It's not a matter of entitlement for the pampered, brainwashed, useful-idiot few!

Just pick someone who won't inspire objections.  Pick a moderate who's willing to declare unequivocally that he will NOT allow the unionization of the TSA.

National security is more important than neo-communist ideology and its imposition.

I predict that Obama's going to dig in and insist on this far-left extremist leading America's transportation security apparatus.

Perhaps it's better, however, for there to be no leader at all than to have a neo-commie as leader.  Let the frontliners take care of stuff by themselves, then.

No wonder Obama's approval ratings continue to steadily worsen.

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