Monday, December 14, 2009

Global Warming Evidence? Yeah, Right!

If this is evidence of warming, well, then I expect to see pigs flying all over the place next time I peek out the window.

Some areas north of Toronto received as much as 100 centimetres of snow over the past three days.

The main highway through the region re-opened for the first time in days, but nearly all side roads remain closed, blocked by a thick blanket of snow, in some areas chest high.


Meanwhile, western Canada is in the grip of a cold snap with temperatures plummeting anywhere from -40 to -50 degrees Celsius.
Yep, it's getting warmer all the time everywhere. Suuuure. And We The People, it's all our fault. Yep, we're making the whole world get hotter and are destroying it.

From a hacked email (ok, not really, but what the hey?):
Snow? What snow? Cold? What cold? You guys just shut up and help me fudge-up this data to support the IPCC's theory, 'cause we've gotta bullshit the world so we can make money on our investment in "green tech"... And don't forget to get rid of the data so nobody'll know the truth!