Monday, December 14, 2009

Climate 'Experts' Are The Pot And The Kettle

Now what we have here in one corner, one group of "scientists" accusing the other group of "scientists" of uttering flawed data. Geez, now it's going back and forth. It's impossible, almost, to figure out which group is right and which is wrong, unless we can see the raw data for ourselves, which isn't enough, even, given that what we actually observe in the real world is more telling as to what's real and what's not than are claimed data by two opposing groups of "scientists", one of whom obviously has a massive financial stake in pushing the Big Lie of global warming/catastrophic climate change.

Next thing you know, it'll be like the playground at recess, with namecalling and "are so" and "am not" and all that crap.

Get a load of the hypocrisy of the group making the accusation. And at their delusional denials that their own data is conclusively proven to be flawed. In other words, it's the ClimateGate Deniers who are pretending their science is "sound" whilst pointing the finger at the Kettle and calling it black.

So one group says the data of the other is flawed. But guess what? The other group says the same with respect to the first. And the proof is already out there, and it's now a confessed fact that the number one scientists who collected all the raw data and fudged it up on purpose via the much-bragged-about computer programs, that the raw data was thrown into the trash so that no one could study it to compare it to the deliberately-modified "results" the scientists used as a basis for the IPCC's and Al Gore's fearmongering that We the People are killing the planet really fast and that we must stop living a modern life so as to stop this from happening.

Funny how the same fearmongering folks refuse to change their own extravagant lifestyles like they tell us poor folks we're supposed to make all these draconian sacrifices in our relatively monastic lifestyles. Like, how DARE those assholes?!

I belive we know the definition of "fraud", and that it's apparent that's what's going on here.

After all, a lot of folks have a monstrous financial stake already invested in all that largely-mythical and unproven "green tech", which depends on continuing to push the Big Lie so as to enable them to recover their investment and make huge profits, and they really don't care what happens with respect to global emissions, nor with respect to climate, and who believes these nihilist-hedonists give a gosh-darn about whether the earth and the human race will still exist after they die? Why would they care? They're selfish, after all!