Sunday, December 27, 2009

Thwarting The ACLU

So the ACLU hates the Ten Commandments and wants them removed from public view?

Well, too bad for the ACLU.

Because every time the ACLU succeeds in getting a particular Ten Commandments display banned, a bunch of Ten Commandments displays, bigger than the banned one, will be erected on private property, clearly visible to the People.

The ACLU will have to come up with a whole new argument now, since the myth of "separation of church and state" can no longer be cited as a bogus, albeit accepted by leftwing activist judges, reason.

Speaking of separating religion and politics, what the hell is a de-facto religious figure, Obama, doing as the supposed President of the U.S.?  Seriously, Obammunism is a de-facto religion, so it's rather daft to trumpet the myth of "separation of church and state" whilst exalting and worshipping The Messiah Obama as he resides in the White House.  Shouldn't, therefore, the ACLU logically be suing to remove Obama from the White House on the grounds that Obama's  presidency allegedly violates the myth of "separation of church and state"?  Surely, if a former Pope were to become President, don't you think the ACLU would militate against him, for having been elected largely on the basis of what they'd call religious propaganda?

Really, the Ten Commandments only offend the arrogantly immoral Hard Left.

It's also silly for the ACLU to be wasting time and resources in trying to eradicate all symbols of Christianity in America.  After all, hey, Americans do have the freedom of looking the other way if they so choose.  So, really, why bother to go so far to remove things in public that those who prefer to ignore them are ignoring anyway?

Myself, I ignore the "gay" parades; I don't bother to go and see 'em.  But I'm not going to bother to sue to have them banned on any grounds.

Seems that the ACLU thinks that religion is bad and must be kept out of the public realm and forced to remain a private thing, just like sex acts.  Funny how they don't care about the "gay" parades in public, reasoning that only religion is bad, and that sodomy, cunnilingus and fellatio are somehow good things that will somehow enrich and enhance society and human civilization.  Oh, sheesh!

Why, however, does the ACLU target Christianity rather than Islam?  Ever heard of the ACLU suing to ban public Islamic footbaths and Islamic prayer rooms for Muslims on the grounds that they violate the myth of "separation of (religion) and state"?

I guarantee y'all that if there's a monument erected in public somewhere in America that says such things as "Islam is peace" or "Islam is the light" or "Islam is salvation", etc.,  the ACLU will NEVER sue to have such things removed.

Hmm... just a thought here... y'know, how about claiming that the Constitution somehow supports a doctrine of "separation of sex-related stuff and state"?  Then we could sue to ban "gay" parades and other such things that mix sex-related stuff with public places.  After all, we don't see porno stores being permitted to set up kiosks in shopping malls, do we?  Oh, no- gotta keep all that stuff out of view of the public so as to avoid corrupting too many people, especially children, right?

One day the tables will be turned on the ACLU, their tactics stolen and used against them and their ideological masters and comrades.

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