Thursday, December 10, 2009

Undercover Sting Exposes Big Corporation's Lies, Fraud

Story here.

A team of activists whose undercover videos revealed Planned Parenthood employees advising patients to lie to a judge and ignoring apparent cases of statutory rape has launched a project to uncover lies told to the patients.

The new Rosa Acuna Project led by Lila Rose at Live unveiled today its first undercover video revealing counselors and an abortionist in Wisconsin apparently misleading a potential patient.

The video, according to Live Action, reveals "clinic staff, including the abortion doctor, lying to two young women about fetal development":

Video here:

That's lying. That's fraud.

To make money.


It's a felony.

It's exploitation of vulnerable women.

All for nothing but greed.

As usual, however, nothing to see here. Move on. The Big Old Media won't talk about it, won't mention it on the nightly news, therefore it either didn't happen or isn't important enough to tell the People about. Big corporations lying and commiting fraud for the purpose of making profits.

And the Obamacrat Reich is determined to take Americans' wealth away to spread to the greedy, wealthy death corporation, which, by the way, was founded by a notorious racist, Margaret Sanger, a Nazi sympathizer, who openly declared that it was important to "control the non-white population" and, so, to this day, most of the "Planned Parenthood" scam/death organization facilities are deliberately constructed in minority neighborhoods.

The Obamacrat Reich criminals' agenda is to spread Americans' wealth to greedy, fraudulent, big-profits corporations whilst turning a blind eye to the lies and fraud and exploitation and genocide against blacks and other minorities.

Obama? So what if he's black? That doesn't necessarily mean that he cares about other blacks besides himself. He doesn't decide policy, for he's taking instruction from people hiding behind the curtain who seek only to enrich themselves by directing policies that help them become richer. So Obama is looking the other way on all of this.

Besides, Obama's wealthy, powerful puppetmaster, George Soros, born to a Jewish family himself, doesn't care what happens to Jews. He proved it by becoming a Nazi collaborator, aiding and abetting in the Final Solution. And to this day he denies remorse. So is it so inconceivable that Obama doesn't necessarily care about others who look a little like him, as long as he gets all this money into his pocket for doing as he's told? Ethics? Morals? Hey, the guy's a left-wing extremist! Ethics and morals aren't things these folks generally care about, nor would understand anyway.

Such dark ideology. Such evil.