Monday, December 14, 2009

Obama's First Year Sees Most Homegrown Terrorism Activity Since 9/11

Clearly, things are worse under Obama. America is less safe under Obamacracy.

The five young Americans accused last week of traveling from Washington to Pakistan to wage jihad cap what appears to be a record year for homegrown terror plots, exposing a dangerous trend that experts say poses the biggest challenge America's security officials have ever faced.

Not including the Pakistan case, the Rand Corporation says that of the nearly 30 homegrown terror plots uncovered in the U.S. since Sept. 11, 2001, 10 surfaced in this year alone, including two actual attacks — in Little Rock, Ark. and Fort Hood, Texas.

That puts "the level of activity in 2009 much higher than that of previous years," Rand Senior Adviser Brian Jenkins told the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee last month.


A major concern, Coulson says, is that the majority of the suspects in the 2009 cases have no direct links to major terror organizations.

"They're just homegrown terrorists who sympathize with the same Islamic extremist philosophy, and although they're not connected by order or by organization, they're connected by philosophy and religion," he said.

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But don't expect the Obammunists to do what it takes to end this crap.

They'll never, ever point the finger at the root cause: Fundamentalist, radical Islamic Supremacism which seeks to spread itself by absolutely any means necessary.

And which is seriously, furiously doing so as we speak... right under our noses. Of course, we don't really notice, because we're not supposed to... political correctness is only one reason.

Pointing the finger at the root cause is the first step to combating it so as to so marginalize it everywhere that it ceases to be a significant threat in the future. Just as we pointed the finger at white supremacism and proceeded to combat it to the point that it's mostly just a few scattered, disturbed folks meeting in each others' basements to blame their own faults on people who are different. Can't get rid of 'em completely; they'll always be around, but our society's willingness to persecute them, discriminate against them, profile them, etc... has effectively eliminated any significant threat coming from those dumbass honky fecks.

Why can't we attack Islamic Supremacism as we've successfully attacked white supremacism? Why not? We want to live, don't we? We want to keep our rights, don't we? We want to keep our country and not have it taken away by people who hate us and want us to choose between being like them... or being their slaves... or being dead, right?

We want to make it clear to these Islamic Supremacists, precisely like the white supremacists, that they won't be tolerated if they pursue this dangerously hateful ideology.

And there's nothing racist about this, either.

After all, some of the Islamic Supremacists are white, and they, too, sickly find appeal in imposing a hatefully intolerant, violent ideology upon everyone against their will. And there's no doubt that more and more white folks are becoming Islamic Supremacists. No doubt, further, that some of these white Islamic Supremacists have already been white supremacists because they enjoy hating people and wreaking violent havoc to express their hatred and delusions of superiority.

See some of the white Islamic Supremacists here, here here and, obviously, also here.

It's pretty much like when the Muslims were an integral part of the Nazi Forces, united by their common Jew-hatred and desire to feel falsely exalted by destroying others.

We see Islamic Supremacism expanding by welcoming white supremacists to their ranks. After all, it's clearly a good fit. The Islamists want to Islamize others, to expand their ranks, to become more powerful, and the white supremacists want to be part of a powerful, well-funded, protected-by-political-correctness organization that spans the entire globe and gets away with what it does most of the time. Seems to work for both.

And we've got to target both equally for de-legitimizing, de-commissioning and marginalization.