Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hard-Left Hate Campaign Caused Berlusconi Attack: Allies

The Hard Left must tone down its extreme anti-conservative rhetoric.

Because, apparently, it may very well have led to a mentally-disturbed man attacking Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.


Reminds me of when some guy threw a shoe at Bush.

And of the other day when some guy tried to chuck a couple of tomatoes at Sarah Palin and ended up hitting a cop instead.

And of the racism-and-partisan-hatred-motivated attacks by SEIU thugs against dissidents against the Obamacrat Reich, amidst extreme, bizarre rhetoric, such as, more recently, that spewing from the mouth of Senator Harry Reid, who claims that anyone who disagrees with his side is a racist and approves of slavery, while the truth is that it's his own side, that of the Democrats, who's responsible for those things!

But we know the Hard Left won't stop. They welcome violence. Violence, as well as extreme, demagogic rhetoric, can help them achieve their agenda, as history teaches very well.

ht: NNW