Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fair Is Fair

Story here.

Their side's propagandists, activists and militants are always spewing anti-Christian rhetoric to prevent Christian political candidates from winning elections. Just because they're Christian.

So until the militant gay activists own up to their own sins, they have no right to complain that the People don't want one of the gay community's own extremists to get elected to impose their views onto others.

Hypocrisy and double standards- are these not two of the core character flaws of the Homosexual Political Movement, which falsely claims to represent grassroots homosexual peoples?

Or will the extremists continue to be allowed to claim to speak for the homosexual people, most of whom are apparently silent for some reason, perhaps fear of speaking out against their own people's hypocrisy? I mean, is the average homosexual really all that hateful and intolerant towards Christians? Especially whilst refusing to say anything negative about peoples of other faiths? Do they hate Christians exclusively, not because Christianity isn't endorsive of same-sex physical relationships, as are all faiths, but because they've been brainwashed by the propagandists within their community into believing that only Christians need to be bashed?

I'd also criticize the Associated Press for not bashing anti-Christian rhetoric coming from the gay movement's propagandists and then turning around to spread alarm about alleged "anti-gay rhetoric", without telling us any specifics so that we can judge for ourselves if the alleged rhetoric is either justified in terms of facts or not.